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August 7th, 2007
A man from a fundamentalist family, a freethinking woman— what does the future hold?
Their son was dating a heathen. That’s what it was, in the end: a woman set to go to Hell and take their son with her by doing nothing to encourage him to come back to the fold. Worse: encouraging him in the opposite direction. That’s what I was thinking, anyway. I thought it as the four of us greeted one another with cursory hugs in the dark of the Clemson, South Carolina Applebee’s parking lot. Thought it as his parents smiled at me and asked how work was going. Thought it as I said, “Great!” We’d talked it over before, David and me, and would again, and it always came down to one sentence from him, complete with one unconvincing pat on the back. “My parents like you.” That’s…
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