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Katherine Jones is the pen name of a Los Angeles writer.
October 28th, 2003
Radically Reinventing Your Look on Extreme Makeover
I am huge fan of reality television, but I never watched many network reality shows until I moved and my finances decided for me (to hold off on getting cable). My archaic rabbit ears only receive two channels well. I was ever so lucky to see in clear perfect reception on Fox my Giants, Cubs, and Red Sox all get humiliatingly eliminated in the baseball playoffs. As soon as Aaron Boone hit the game winning home run during the seventh game of the American League championship series, I switched to my other channel, ABC, to watch Extreme Makeover . Can a person really remake herself from the outside in? Boldly going where no cosmetics have gone beforeI love makeover shows. I would love to submit my mother to What Not to Wear on…
April 15th, 2003
This Fast Track May Cause You to Stall
There is no question that the American entertainment industry has quite an influence on the American public. People interviewed by Jay Leno during his Jay Walking skit are perfect examples of how someone can know the names of all of the members of N*SYNC and the Back Street Boys but can’t name even one member of the Supreme Court . The road to fame in Hollywood The “industry” places an extremely high value on the entertainment world and it is difficult to escape the hype that goes along with the entertainment community. The Kennedy’s have often been referred to as American royalty but the American royalty for our generation seems more to be the members of the Hollywood elite, the A-list celebrities…
January 3rd, 2003
The line of work in which I am employed has a significant amount of downtime. But no matter the number of projects my office currrently is or is not working on, I have to be at my desk from 10 am until 6 pm, 50 weeks a year. Now when I have a project in my life, whether it be at work or extra-curricular, I am in peak performance. When I don’t, however, the small daily duties that are required of me seem a more colossal undertaking than controlling the sheer bedlam of my life with a big project. Unfortunately, I have many more days of downtime than bedlam. Internal motivation is not a gift with which I was blessed—I work best under pressure. If it weren’t for the last minute in my life, things would seldom get done.…
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