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December 13th, 2004
Word on The Street: Christmas

Christmas Questions on the streets of NYC

Jason, 20 (left) -- Lindsey, 24 (right)
Jason: "Christmas is a commercial holiday"

Lindsey: "It used to be great when I was little. When I was little it was great then. But now it's, I don't know, now I guess that Santa Claus is not real it's just kind of taken all the joy out of it. I think I was a lot happier when I was living in fantasy land."

Roxanne: "Yeah, since you're not expecting toys, all you can celebrate is materialism, presents. There's no spirituality anymore."

What would you like this year that's not material?

Roxanne: "The typical cheesy world peace thing."

Lindsey: "I have a nice house and I have a stable relationship and I'd like to get married someday. If he proposed I think that'd be nice."

On Christmas Eve?

"Yeah sure."

Are you expecting that?

"Probably not, probably not. I'll keep my fingers crossed for New Years, but I'll probably be wasted on New Years, so..."
Jose, 22, Student
"Christmas is known to me as the Horrordays, not the Holidays. It's supposed to be a time when everybody's friendly and everybody's mean. They're vicious. They just want what they want."

What do you want this year?

"A good man"
John, 24, Student
"Christmas is a time of Joy and being together with the family and exchanging gifts."

Is there anything in particular you want this year?

"Not really, just for everyone to be healthy."

Favorite Christmas Carol

"Jingle Bells"
Sarkilis, 32, U.S. Army Recruiter
Favorite Christmas tradition?

"I like to have dinner with my family at my mother's house, sisters, cousins, we all get together. We have turkey, stuffing, duck, the whole traditional thing."

What do you want for Christmas this year?

"Peace in the world actually. My best friend back from Iraq and that's about it."

What's your favorite Christmas Carol?

"Jingle Bells!"
Vikash, 18, Student
"This Christmas I plan on going out to Louisiana. I have cousins there and stuff." "Today I'm supposed to put up the tree. Go home and get stuff out of the garage and just put up the tree."

Star or Angel on top?


Favorite Christmas Carol?

"Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. Would you like me to sing it?"

What do you want for Christmas this year, material or otherwise?

"Everyone's asking me that question and I really don't know how to answer because I pretty much have everything I want. Maybe some computer stuff, a joystick or something."
What does Christmas mean to you?

Felix, 17, student: "Presents"
Yasidi, 17, student: "Money"
Manny, 18, student: "An Escalade"

Favorite Chrismas Traditions Yasidi: "Eating a big feast with my whole family, usually here or in Florida. My Aunt comes down if she can."

Angel or Star?

Many: "Usually an angel"
Sultan Pasha, 23, United States Army Recruiter
"Christmas means to me a time when the family gets together. It's not really a time when you're supposed to receive, but its more of a giving time. Also, its a time to reflect on the whole year, getting ready for the New Year and a time for God. I'm very religous as well, I'm Roman Catholic." "I want peace on Earth. That'll be good enough for me. I've been in war twice. I was there during Operation Iraqi Freedom, so peace on Earth. Also, a child for my wife."

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