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August 9th, 2004
Word on the Street: Do you believe in God?

Do you believe in God? Do you believe heaven or hell exist?

Ann, 28
"I do not believe in God, nor do I believe in Heaven or Hell."
Nicole, 22 (no photo available)
"Yes, I absolutely believe in God. For the most part I believe in Heaven and Hell. I believe that there is not so much a so-called "Heaven," but there are three degrees of glory, and then Hell, or an outer darkness. Depending on how well you do in life, you can make it to pretty much anything, because everybody is good."
Anna, 20 (left) -- Laura, 22 (right)
Laura: "No I don't believe in Heaven or Hell, I believe in evolution."

BH: "Do you have any other thoughts about spirituality or what you believe in?"

Anna: "I'll show you what I feel spiritual about (she pulls out a $5 bill and holds it up). This money. Absolutely. That's spirituality to me. The Church is the bank today, period. So I do hate it, but I also want to be spiritual, I really do."

Laura: "I don't believe in the hypocrisy of religion, or for that matter, God."
Sanyupta, 28 (no photo available)
Sanyupta, 28 (no photo available) "Yes, I do believe in God, but I don't think there any such thing as Heaven or Hell, but there are so many things we don't know, that I think some things are better unknown. I think that's the beauty of it."
Tara, 29 (photo not available)
"Yeah, I do believe in God. I'm not sure how I feel about Heaven and Hell. I've had a lot of thoughts about that, actually, but I'm still not sure what the correct answer would be. I think I'm definitely still trying to figure that out."
Eugene, 28
Yeah, totally. From certain perspectives yeah there is heaven and hell. I guess it depends on which religion you're looking from, each have their own definitions. But I do think they're there."
Will, 24 (photo unavailable)
"I believe there is a God. I definitely hope there's one. I think heaven and hell exist, but they are different for everyone. I don't buy into the whole angels on clouds or the fiery pits thing, but I think we get what we deserve in the end."

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  • Janice

    I don’t know if I believe in God.
    But I know I believe in hell.

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