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April 20th, 2006
Word on the Street : God and Suffering

Do you think there can be good in the midst of suffering? Is God present there?

Mahadeo, 20
Yes, you can find God. What happened at 9/11, it brought a lot of people together. Like Hurricane Katrina, it made people more generous, opened people to helping others. You don't usually see people come together unless there's a tragedy. So, I think that there is some good that comes out of it.
Jackie, 19
Honestly, that's what I'm questioning right now based on some things I'm dealing with. It's hard to say when you're in the midst of pain. It's hard to see that there is something [good] there. I always believe that there is hope though.
Tyler, 18
The way I look at it that in the midst of suffering it's really hard to see any good in that. But I think hindsight is 20/20 and you're able to look back and see the good. Just like Footprints in the Sand. You feel like that's when I carried you. You felt like you were totally alone but you look back and see that something got you through that part of my life. At least for everything in my life I look back and I have no regrets. I see all the mistakes that I have made and all of the horrible things that have gone on in my family's life and always something good can come out of it. I absolutely think God was there. Personally, with some of the things that have happened in my family, I don't think any of us could have gotten through it without God. I just don't think it's humanly possible.
Riit, 32
Yes. I think suffering makes you grow and helps you realize [what's important]. It challenges you. Also, if you have suffering, you will appreciate life more. I think some people [can find God] in suffering, but I personally can't. For some people God is there but that isn't of importance to me.
James, 19
God gives you grace and mercy when you go through suffering. You don't think he's there, it may be a test or rough patch, but that's where the grace is. He gives you the grace to get through it and the mercy to endure it. Sometimes we forget that. You always wonder [in the suffering], "Are you here? Do you see what I'm going through?" But I think you can look back and see that God got you through.

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  • Alex

    I was really blsseed by your blog about God showing up’, thankyou. Thinking about it while out walking, I wondered is it that God shows up’ or is it that he’s always there and we just have to place ourselves where he is? Years ago, I did a study called Experiencing God’ by Henry Blackaby, and in it I learned that God is always at work around us and that we just have to join him. That’s what Jesus did (John 5:19-20). I have never forgotten it, and it makes every sinlge day an adventure with God! Thankyou also for reminding me that: God makes me what I’m not’. I am SO grateful. What a wonderful great and mighty God we serve! May God bless you and Aylene richly as you continue to serve him.

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