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May 17th, 2006
Word on the Street : Homosexual Priests

“What do you think of the Vatican’s pending statement that would supposedly ban homosexual men from being ordained priests? Is there a correlation between homosexuality and the abuse crisis?”

Amanda 22
Should gay men be priests? Yes. Is this about sending out a coalition to deal with pedophiles? Do I think gay priests touch little boys? No. But, do I think pedophiles do this? Yes. If they're trying to weed out people who are sick and ill have a poorly developed sense of sexuality then yes. To weed out people solely based on homosexuality is wrong.
Brian 21
I think the Catholic Church is essentially evil because of their dealings with the abuse scandal. I don't think homosexuality has anything to do with this. If you're going after young children that goes way beyond sexuality and is a sickness.
Alison 19
I think it has more to do with the actual literature. The Bible would say that if you're homosexual then that goes against the Catholic religion. In terms of following the Bible, that's one thing. But if they're just trying to discriminate against people, that's just wrong. I don't believe that homosexuality and pedophilia are in any way related.
Xiomara 19
I think that if the Catholic Church requires that there aren't supposed to be any gay people [as priests] then I guess they don't have to accept someone who is gay. I think it might be part of some of the [crisis] problems.
Kristin 22
I have a lot of gay male friends. Where I grew up Lewis Len Jr. lived behind me when I was younger. He used to pick up children and molest and kill them. To me there is a huge difference between being gay and a pedophile. Just because you're gay doesn't mean that you're going to molest little boys. I think it's really sad that the church is blaming it on this. Especially since they have a huge stance against homosexuality being wrong. They're just scapegoating. It's simply a scapegoat.
Marco 27
Practically, how does [the church know] if people are going into this field. They're condemning themselves by saying there is a problem but at least they're confronting the problem and not shirking it away. But how do they know for certain if the person is not a pedophile? Homosexuality and pedophilia are completely different things. Pedophilia is an illness while homosexuality is a sexual preference. But homosexuality shouldn't even be in the church since the church condemns it. But it probably won't make much of a difference because I cannot imagine a pedophile telling someone they are a pedophile.
Pete 21 (picture not available)
They should be trying to find the people who are pedophiles. A coalition for this would be good. But not gay priests. For one thing they're celibate and that really shouldn't matter.

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