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July 7th, 2005
Word on the Street: London Bombings

What was your reaction to the recent bombings in London? Do you feel safe? How do you feel about the amount of money spent on national security?

Kalvin, 24
At first, I didn t get the whole story it was sort of in fragments. When I finally figured out what happened, it definitely resembles 9/11. You try to compare the situation. London is more like the US. You know that the terrorists are still out there. It's definitely not safe. I don t know about everyone else, but I feel like I m safe. I feel like my chances of being singled out, and being in the wrong place at the right time is very slim.

We spend too much money [on national security]. We ve had one incident. Not to say that it can t happen again, but it s just one incident. I don t think money can really prevent these guys from doing what they actually want to do.
Russ, 25
It was sort of expected. It was just a matter of time. It could have been a lot worse. In a weird way, I feel more safe now that it has happened, because everyone was expecting it to happen.

No matter how much you spend, it doesnt really make any difference. The amount of police, whatever?if they?re going to do it, they?re going to do it. Im pretty confident in what we are doing.
Knowledge, 23 (photo not available)
When I heard it, I said, 'here we go again.' I thought it was coincidental how they just got the Olympics and the next day terrorists set up. I'm from the hood, and terrorists don't really come to the hood, so I feel good.

With 9/11, money wasn't an issue. I don't think preventing it had anything to do with the amount of money they were spending. I think it was lack of intelligence and cooperation. I think the money is irrelevant.
Fiona, 25(left)
There are so many different people and cultures that live in our country, there is not anything anyone could really do to stop terrorism. If it's going to happen, it's going to happen. England is very multicultural--like this country, people can just get in so easily. There's only so much that you can do, that intelligence can do. I feel pretty safe where we live.
Song (II), 25
It's the end of the world'people really don't care about other people's safety. I don't really feel safe. People who live in the States see lots of things happen, and we know it's not safe, but we don't really think about it.

I don't know exactly what money can do about it. It's a matter of how people should think about humanity.
Kat, 20 (right) -- Linda, 21 (left)
Kat: I thought it was pretty unfortunate, especially after what the US has been through, and what they're fighting through. I know the US and England are great supporters of each other. I think it was more unfortunate for London because they were on such a high the day before for getting the Olympics. You think you would like to move past terrorism, but obviously it comes back to you after you feel safe again. I feel safe, but, as a New Yorker, you?re always on your toes. I feel safer here than a lot of other places you could live.I know we spend a lot of money on defense. Is it enough or too much? That?s hard to say, because it depends on what you?re spending it on. We are spending a lot of money, but I think it?s for the best. I wouldn?t be spending more than we are, but I think it?s good for the amount we have.

Linda: I think it?s sad that people feel that that there's only one way of getting their viewpoint across. I haven?t even heard who claimed responsibility for it, or why they did it. I think that it is not the best way to get whatever message you are trying to get across. I don?t think the money that we do spend is utilized to the maximum capacity it should be. I think that it should be spent more on local police stuff in the cities, as opposed to fighting abroad.

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