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April 14th, 2008
Word on the Street : Pope Benedict’s US Visit

“What are your thoughts and feelings about Pope Benedict XVI visiting the United States?”

Sarah, 26
"I think that it will inspire a dialogue, and it's always
good to have communication, especially with a generation that is so detached from that sort of religious discussion."
Dan, 49
"I think it's nice that he's visiting that synagogue on the East Side to kind of ease relationships between Christians and Jews with so much going on."
Sandra, 29
"I think that for him to come to New York City, where there is a melting pot for religions and cultures, is definitely a good thing because it's a place where you need to have a sort of dialogue. Dialogue is always good, especially in a society that we live in now, where you have people that are not just from one culture you have a lot people who are mixed so they have different belief systems. But all of these different people need to talk and work things out. Hopefully a visit from the pope can inspire that."
Brady, 31
"I think that its significant and important. I am not really a close follower of too many religious events, but I guess it will make a lot of people happy and that is what really matters."
Max, 45
"I think its great. I think its a good communication thing. It's always good what he does; it brings the community out. And it is not just good for Catholics, it's good for everyone because the pope is supposed to be an emissary for everyone, as his predecessor John Paul."

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