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December 14th, 2006
Word on the Street : Priceless Gifts

What is something you would like to give or receive this holiday season that does not have a price tag and cannot be bought in any store? What is the greatest gift you have ever received that you would consider priceless?

Blake, 26
"Time is the most precious gift and if you can find a good way to give that to someone so they can share in the time together, it means nothing and it means everything. I think the greatest gift I have ever received has been different manifestations of the gift of life"
James, 44
"The knowledge and the gift of God. God can't be bought or sold. His knowledge can't be bought or sold. That's the gift that's treasured all over. That's the most ultimate gift on any holiday. The greatest gift that I have ever gotten was to become a Muslim and learn about God. So now, I seek his knowledge and I learn more and more and more everyday."
Kate, 23
"I have a sister studying in London right now but she is coming home in December. So I'd like to give her a nice welcome back home and have a good holiday. The greatest gift that I have received has been the opportunity for me to go home and see my family pretty much whenever I want and yet also the independence that my family gives me through their support and understanding."
Juan Carlos
"Sincere love, affection, respect, and good deeds. It doesn't matter if a gift is expensive or cheap, simply that it is something that you give from the heart. The greatest gift that I have received has been the love of my family and the support that I have from them all."
Kelly, 22
"It would be great to be gifted with time with those friends I care about the most and time with my family. I would like to give that gift too by being there and being present for the moment. The greateest gift I ever received wasn't around Christmas. It was last April and I was able to have a week with one of my closest friends. It was the best week ever."
Justin, 35
"I'd like to give my unending attention and presence and I'd like to receive the same. My greatest priceless gift? Well that's always love...always."
Sonya, 20
"One gift that I would love to give even though it is not within my power is to give my sister a job. The same goes for my brother who is a professor and looking to teach at a different college. The greatest gift I have received has to do with my birthday. When I woke up, I saw that my parents had decorated the whole house and had even decorated my room without waking me. My brother, who is a writer, wrote me a poem. I just saw that my whole family had spent a lot of time. That was amazing."
Mike, 39
"I like to give a gift that is a surprise. I like to give a gift that delights. And those don't have to cost a lot or be bought. It's hard to come up with an example. It could be something really dumb like a teacup. But what if that teacup was the perfect thing for that person? Then you scored big with it. So it has less to do with the thing than the giving of the thing. I can't tell you the greatest priceless gift I have ever received. It would make me blush."

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