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September 26th, 2006
Word on the Street : Remembering September 11th

What is your feeling about the way in which 9/11 is memorialized and remembered? Is it appropriate?

Jayson, 24
"This is only my first year living in New York since 9/11 so I haven't experienced the full aspect of the memorial side but I don't think that enough people have the appreciation that they should have."
Malik, 35
"In a way it's kinda messed up what happened but people should not let it linger on in their life now cause eventually somewhere along the line they are going to have to get over it. It's going to be in their minds as of now for a long time."
Dennis, 17
"I honestly believe it's not appropriate cause there has been barely anything done to remember [September 11] such as building a memorial. It really is unacceptable that we haven't done a thing and have just been deliberating so long. I think we should have at least put up something low budget like plaques or a wall to have people remember it."
Anna, 16
"It's important to have the ceremonies so people don't forget about the attacks. Three thousand people died. But it was more of a devastation on the economy than it was to people as a whole. The new freedom tower and the other buildings being built at the world trade center site will really help the economy."
Leah, 21
"I feel like it's been done well and tastefully usually. I like the way it has been brought up and recognized but not overdone. I think that if we didn't recognize it in some sort of way, people would get offended."
Xavier, 20
"I think there is some remembrance that has to take place because it was such a monumental event. In my lifetime, September 11 is the most remembered event that I can recall. I don't think we should be grieving anymore…but I think we should look towards the future and be hopeful that our loved ones are in a better place, that we've learned something from all this, that we can grow from all this, and that we are not so weak that we can't move past something like September 11. For the next decade or so, September 11 will be like [the way it is now] and that's fine cause the magnitude of September 11 was just so enormous. It was almost epic."
Brian, 19
"I think there is nothing inappropriate about remembering something that tragic but in the same sense I feel like when it originally happened, there was much more of a communal patriotism that circulated everywhere and now no one is doing the whole patriotism thing. It has kinda faded. I think people should remember it and then try to hold onto those feelings that allowed them to be better people to one another and realize the tragedy that can strike very quickly and unexpectedly. But I don't believe that has happened. After a while, people went back to their daily lives. Basically, everything is back to the way it was and I don't think there's anything wrong with that. Eventually you should be going back to how you choose to be."

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