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August 7th, 2006
Word on the Street : Should you always tell the truth?

Do you think that people should always tell the truth? Are there any exceptions like with the little white lie?

Scott, 21
No, I don't think there's any harm in little white lies. I don't see any problem, especially if you tell one to make somebody feel better. It depends on your motives. If it's detrimental to someone by lying them then it's a terrible thing. But little white lies I don't really think cause any harm. Like, "Doe this dress make me look fat?" I'm not going to say, "Yeah, you look huge." I'd be like, "Oh, no you look fine." If it gives someone better self-confidence to feel better about themselves, I don't see any problem in that.
Ryan, 21
I think telling little white lies, while sometimes can be a bad thing, that sometimes it can be for the better. Ultimately you have to weigh the outcome of the lie. In the end will it lead to a change for the better or a change for the worse? And I think that by sort of weighing the outcome you decide whether this lie is good or bad. By moral standards I don't think it's wrong. Obviously there are people who do consider any sort of lie against their own morals. I would say no. By the morals I follow, I think people should feel good and if that sometimes means telling a little white lie, that's something I'm willing to do.
Emilie, 20
I think it's a really hard question to answer because so often we don't know what the truth is. So anytime you're going to answer a question, there's a possibility you'll lie just by virtue of not knowing the truth. But the truth is so subjective, anyway, in so many situations that in that sense we lie a lot of the time without even realizing it. So I think that just because of the subjective nature of truth it's hard to a truthful person without just saying, "I don't know." Because that's the truth. A lot of times you just really don't know.
KC, 34
I'll tell you, I've told a couple and I know, spiritually, that it's wrong. We shouldn't even be lying. I don't care if it's a little white lie. We're not even supposed to be telling lies. It's an abomination.
Mitzi, 35
Sometimes a white lie saves you. So as long as no one gets hurt and you don't have to carry on to the next lie, it's okay. It depends on what the lie is because sometimes you need to use that lie to bail you out of trouble. If it's a little white lie, it's okay. But if you start lying, you have to lie to the next person and the next person then that's wrong. But if you can tell just one lie to get yourself out of it, I think it's okay. It's a natural thing that people do and God's a good God and will forgive. He knows that we are not perfect. As long as it's not going to damage or hurt anyone.

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