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November 1st, 2004
Word on the Street: The Tsunami

How has the tsunami disaster affected your faith in God? Would God cause such destruction? Does it make you question your faith or belief in God?

"I go to Church because it makes me feel less selfish and also because it's a family tradition. My mother always went. I did stop going for a year and I just didn't feel as complete a person."

BH: Do you think fewer people are going today?
"Yeah, I think popular culture right now is pretty secular. A lot of people aren't going to Church and those values are reflected in the media as well. Except for all that conservative stuff (ha-ha)"
Claire, 26 (left)
Claire: "I think people go to Church because in this day and age they want something to keep them strong and to keep their beliefs. I know a lot of people who go to Church and it gets them through the day and it gives them something to believe in and it gives them strength. I think a lot of people don't go to Church because so many bad things are happening in the world today and people are like, where's God? Is he here? They think if he was here, none of this would happen. Also, at home, we're Presbyterians, but some of the Churches my friends have taken me to are like cults. They do the Toronto Blessing or they do things that maybe if you're new to it, you might find it a bit scary."

BH: Do you go to Church regularly?

Claire: "I don't, no. My little sister, Nicki, does." "We were brought going to Church every week. I think there are so many different ways of worshiping and you've got to find the right way for yourself."
Viola, 19 (left) -- Shameeka, 19 (right)
Viola: "I personally am religious, but I choose not to attend Church because I'm young and I want to live my life. My conscience bothers me, but I think the main reason people do or do not attend Church is because of what people think. It also goes back to how you were raised. I'm not sure which religion is right and which religion is wrong, but I do believe in God. I was raised as a Baptist, as a Christian. If I do go to Church it's to feel better about myself, to clear my conscience, to come clean, and to be a better person. I suppose most people go to Church to do the same. "

Shameeka: "I go to Church, but sometimes I miss it if I'm really busy on a particular Sunday. I think a lot of people are really busy on Sunday and they don't feel like going. They feel like they don't have time to go to Church. You'll get in the mood eventually to go to Church. Maybe you have to go to a funeral or someone in your family has to be baptized, but you will have to enter the Church at some point. When you do go, the preacher is going to be talking about you because you haven't been.

BH: Do you think mass is relevant to people our age?

Shameeka: "Yes, I guess it depends on who you are. If you're already are a certain religion and you have a certain belief, you should be going to Church."
Omar, 26
"I think part of it is because so many people work on Sundays now. I know I do. Even if they're not working, it's not considered a day of rest anymore. All the stores are open and you might have to run errands or go shopping. People are just so busy and for a lot of them Church is the first thing to go."
Jason, 33
"Why don't people go to Church? I don't go to Church because I have my own spirituality. I like to define it and I don't like to go by anyone else's rules. More and more, organized religion in the modern culture is seen as too confining and too secular. It's more about being open minded than following rules."

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