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Our readers asked:

Why are the non-Canonical gospels not considered valid?

Joe Paprocki Answers:

What about the other Gospels that aren’t in our canon of scripture?
Why are they not considered valid?

Ultimately, it was the bishops – the leaders of the Church – who made
the final decision but this decision was not reached in some
smoke-filled back room. It was a decision that was based upon the
experience of early Christians – people like you and me – who, in the
first century, had come to embrace certain books as worthy of being
considered inspired by God while designating other works as either
falling short of that or just downright missing the mark. This being,
said, there was no definitive list or canon of the New Testament until
the 4th century. Much of what was not included in the Canon remains
available to us in the form of what we now refer to as apocryphal
writings. Such books give us a glimpse into the mind and heart of early
Christianity and are worthwhile for study however they are not
considered inspired because of errors they contain in their presentation
of the Gospel message. Some of our Catholic Tradition can be traced to
the apocryphal Gospels. For example, the names of the parents of Mary –
Joachim and Anna – come to us from apocryphal writings such as the
Gospel of the Birth of Mary and the Proto-Gospel of James. Likewise,
have you ever wondered why images and statues of Saint Joseph often
portray him holding lilies? This is the result of a legend, included in
the apocryphal writing known as the Protoevangelion, about how Joseph
came to choose Mary as his spouse. In addition to these lovely images
and passages, we also find strange and misleading passages such as the
story from the apocryphal Gospel of Thomas in which the child Jesus gets
upset with one of his playmates and strikes him dead! This is not the
Jesus we know. In recent years, author Dan Brown has made a fortune
exploiting the lack of knowledge that most people have about the
apocryphal gospels by proposing that the Church has been involved in a
massive cover-up of these writings for centuries. Not true. I studied
them in college…they were right there on the shelves of the library.
And they are available on the Internet. See for yourself why Christians
have found them intriguing, informative in some ways, and largely
unreliable in other areas.

The Author : Joe Paprocki
Joe Paprocki, D.Min., is National Consultant for Faith Formation at Loyola Press in Chicago. He has over 30 years of experience in pastoral ministry in the Archdiocese of Chicago. Joe is the author of numerous books on pastoral ministry and catechesis, including The Bible Blueprint, Living the Mass, and bestsellers The Catechist's Toolbox and A Well-Built Faith (all from Loyola Press).
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  • Robert Oller

    Joe, this is pretty false information. The decision wasn’t based on the experience of early Christians (“people like you and me”) it was made by the church officials that had been appointed by Constantine the Great. Specifically, political figures as well as “Christian” priests/bishops that were converted to Christianity from paganism during the empire’s transition.

  • Robert Gibbs

    Okay–a burning question that I would not DARE in public:

    Within a marriage, is oral sex now permissible by the Church?

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    • Nathan Schneckenberger

      Are you asking by the church or by God you can do anything you want the is sexual between your wife and you that glorifies God as long as you don’t bring somebody from outside your marriage into the bedroom God is fine with it a born again Christian

  • Sondra

    Can you give my specific directions to where to find the apocryphal writings on line and also which books/authors would you recommend for further study on these writings.
    Thanking you in advance for you help.

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