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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Prayer Requests

  • Mary Beth: For her daughter, Jeria and their school to have safe travels to the March for Life.
  • Diane: For Chris and Joanne as Chris is dying of cancer.
  • Tim: For the conversion of his siblings:
  • Michael: For himself as he struggling with feeling down and alone.
  • Pam: For herself as she gets extensive dental work done.
  • Jen: For her husband who is trying to start a business. For her son Brad as he goes back to college. Lucy, who is homesick. And her son Brendan who will be confirmed this year.
  • Art: For himself as he struggles with the stresses of work and has a hard time praying.
  • Teresa: For her daughter, Delaney, who is struggling with anxiety and depression.
  • Elaina: For herself and her colleagues to find new jobs as their worksite closes down.
  • Louie: For his brother, Bennie, who is having surgery next week for cancer.
  • Anne: For her mother in law who is moving into assisted living.
  • Lynn: For her husband, Stephen, to find a job.