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June 24th, 2013
Why do Catholics worship Mary?

Well, Catholics actually don’t worship Mary. They do pray to Mary. Think about the times you’ve asked someone to pray for you because you were sick or in need. That’s why Catholics pray to Mary, believing she can bring their concerns to Jesus. Watch our “Mary in Two Minutes Video” for more information about the relationship between Catholics and the Virgin Mary.


Today’s homework assignment: Watch this short informative video about Catholics and Mary and share it with someone else who wants to learn more about Mary.

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  • Awabnavi

    Is Mary still alive and aware of your “prayers” to her? Does she have the “power” to fulfill your “prayers”? What the layman understands is that you ASK somebody to pray for you. You do not “pray” to that person to “pray” for you – unless you assign different meanings to the word “pray”.

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