Busted Halo
Dante’s Trivia Inferno

Object: To advance from Earth to Heaven while avoiding Hell by answering a series of questions related to the Catholic Church and faith.


  1. You start on Earth and attempt to move up to Heaven via Dante’s elevator by answering three questions in each of five different skill level categories. For each skill level you complete you advance one floor closer to Heaven.
  2. A correct answer in any level will advance you to the next question. Three correct questions in a row will move you to the next floor. Miss a question on any floor at any time and you sink down a floor.
  3. Should you miss a question while on the first level, you sink to Hell and the game will end. You can always resume the game later. There are two “spiritual lifeline” buttons that you may use to skip any question on any level except the final level. When you’ve used both, you are on your own.
  4. If you’re lucky enough to enter Heaven, be sure to post your name with our other heavenly winners below.
  • Lee Bacchi

    Some of the world relgion questions seemed odd. It took me about 25 minutes, but I made it!

    Fun game!!

  • father uhde

    Just because a nun or a priest is in some movie does not mean–‘a’ it’s good,, ‘b’ it has anything to do with being Roman Catholic. Having an awareness about Islam or Budda is nice-but not Roman Catholic–MY NAME IS EARL?? Really?? But hey it was fun.

  • John

    I googled my way in. Ballykissangel? Really?
    and the submit did not work

  • Kate

    Do I still get to Heaven if I confess that I googled some of the answers??? Whew – frustrating game, but fun and educational :)

  • kenui95

    Cloud 9 Club score 450
    After making it Heaven the submit button didn’t work

  • marmar

    After I made it to heaven, the submit button didn’t work.

  • Karen Latto

    Fun and challenging! Just wasted 25 minutes not correcting student papers! Guess we all need a break once in a while!

  • Gerri Mackey

    PS: Oh yeah, my name did not post either – thank you Ann and Rebecca for the “humility” reminder – LOL!

  • Gerri Mackey

    What a fun game! I am in a master’s program at Creighton and I thought I would swing right through it – HA! I have been trying for three days to get to Heaven, making several stops in Hell along the way; hmmm . . . a bit like my life! Thank you Busted Halo for designing a great trivia game that is not only based on scripture! I have posted it on my FB page for all my friends.

  • Ann

    I made it! But it would not post in the Cloud Nine Club! Maybe as Rebecca said, it is a lesson in humility…..

  • Virginia

    I have a long term goal and a short term goal. My short term goal is to pay my bills and my long term goal is to get to Heaven. AND I HOPE TO BRING EVERYONE I HAVE MET TO HEAVEN!

  • Virginia

    Lots of fun!

  • Su

    Made it!

  • Valerie Shpak

    I got a score of 450 and I wrote my name in the CLoud Nine club but it would not post. Why not? I think this a fun game for my Confirmation class and I would like them to get to Heaven and be able for them to enter thier names.

  • Rebecca

    Very disappointed that I cannot add my name and score to the cloud nine club… A lesson in humility perhaps?! Still a fun quiz!!!

  • Lori

    My 15 year old son just clicked on the first correct answer really fast multiple times which caused the program to jump each level and send him to heaven in less than 10 seconds —- who needs wikipedia?

  • Bridget

    Delightful diversion! Really enjoyed playing and the variety of questions–so CATHOLIC
    CATHOLIC :) Thanks for providing this…it really is more than mere diversion.
    A “fun” teaching tool.

  • Carolyn

    I don’t feel I deserve to post my name, as I kept a second window open with Wikipedia to make it through. I learned some new things, though, and now want to find out more about my faith! I agree with Deacon2bGreg: it is a good learning tool!

  • Don Coleman

    Finally made it to heaven but it was a struggle. This is an extremely addictive game with many questions that have nothing to do with our Catholic Faith. But isn’t opening the horizons of our hearts and minds what is required to be in the Kingdom of God? Great fun!

  • Deacon2bGreg

    Great learning tool.

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