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May 1st, 2015

Mary in Two Minutes


Ever wonder what the big deal is with Catholics and the Virgin Mary? Do they worship her or just pray to her? What’s the Annunciation? What’s the Immaculate Conception? What’s the Assumption? All these questions and more answered in this short two (okay, three) minute video.

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  • Michael S Clifford

    I doubt that most of you even watched video while, as a Roman Catholic Christian, I indeed share many concerns brought up on this page (Exodus 20:1-5, Leviticus 26:1)!

  • Michael S Clifford

    I doubt that most of you even watched the video.

  • Polycarp13

    The Mother of God is a mere creature. Therefore the worship of “latria” is not due to her.
    I answer that, Since “LATRIA” ( Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic theology to mean adoration, a reverence directed only to the Holy Trinity. Latria carries an emphasis on the internal form of worship, rather than external ceremonies). is due to God alone, it is not due to a creature so far as we venerate a creature for its own sake. For though insensible creatures are not capable of being venerated for their own sake, yet the RATIONAL creature is capable of being venerated for its own sake. Consequently the worship of “latria” is NOT due to any mere rational creature for its own
    sake. Since, therefore, the Blessed Virgin is a mere rational creature, the worship of “latria” is NOT due to her, but only that of “DULIA”( in Roman Catholic theology, the reverence accorded to saints and
    angels): but in a HIGHER DEGREE than to other creatures, inasmuch as she IS THE Mother of God. For this reason we say that not any kind of “dulia” is due to her, BUT “hyperdulia.”
    (The chief ones are dulia, hyperdulia, and latria. Dulia is a Greek term meaning the veneration or homage, DIFFERENT in nature and degree from that given to God, that IS paid to the saints. It includes,
    for example, HONORING the saints and seeking their INTERCESSION with God). St. Thomas Aquinas

  • Jorge Antonio Urbina

    Mary was the surrogate mother of Jesus. She was the first to conceive through in vitro fertilization. Remember what Jesus told the disciples, no one can come to the Father unless they come through Him.
    John 14:5-6
    5 Thomas saith unto him, Lord, we know not whither thou goest; and how can we know the way? 6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

    John 19:26-27
    26 When Jesus saw his mother there, and the disciple whom he loved standing nearby, he said to her, “Woman, here is your son,” 27 and to the disciple, “Here is your mother.” From that time on, this disciple took her into his home.

    Exodus 20:3-6
    3Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

    4Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth: 5Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me; 6And shewing mercy unto thousands of them that love me, and keep my commandments.

    • Michael S Clifford

      How did Jesus come to us? Through Mary. If you cut out Mary, you dishonor Jesus.

      • Cole J. Banning

        And Mary came to us through Saint Anne, and so on all the way back to Mother Eve.

      • Michael S Clifford

        Mary, unlike her ancestors after Eve, was conceived and born without the original sin. It’d have been sacrilege for Jesus, being the Son and Incarnation of God, to be born of a woman tainted by sin. Mary was created by God for the sole purpose of bearing Him. She could’ve said no, but then God, knowing all things, which includes the future, wouldn’t have wasted His power in preserving Mary from the original sin or wasted Saint Gabriel the Archangel’s time by sending him to her only for her to say no.

      • Michael S Clifford

        The difference is Mary’s ancestors didn’t give birth to the Incarnation of God. She did. Mary had to be a sinless virgin to even be worthy of bearing the Messiah. It would be sacrilege had the Mother of the Incarnation of God been tainted by sin. Jesus’ “brothers”, as the Pharisees called them, did not have the same parents as Him just as my brothers don’t have the same parents as me. None of Jesus’ “brothers” were entrusted with the care of His mother. Apostle Saint John was. That would’ve been a huge insult to the family. Jesus being God would never insult anyone. That’s why we need the Church and her bishops and pastors guided by the Holy Spirit to tell us when to take the Bible literally or figuratively or symbolically.

    • Cole J. Banning

      Mary was Jesus’ biological mother. Have of His DNA came from her. Odd how the video doesn’t mention Jesus’ brothers and sisters, though.

      • Michael S Clifford

        Jesus had no biological brothers or sisters. I have many brothers and none of them are blood-related.

  • Curry Russell

    As I have posted on many other discussions, I may as well start 2014 off with a bang. Mary and Joseph could not have been physically and spiritually married had they not consummated their marriage. Even by Old testament standards. 2ndly, the “Fact” that Mary was born without sin should have to be proven in Scripture. I mean if the Catholic church wanted to “ENFORCE” many of these ideas, they had the opportunity back when the councils were joined and the books were translated and separated the first few times. Busted Halo, you guys are some of my favorite radio and educational resources. But these ideas of Mary have no ground at all. Sure she was hand picked based on her blood line and the fact she was marrying into the blood line of David as well. The stage was set, she was “pre-destined” to be where God wanted her to be, but she was a NORMAL teen girl. Where does full of grace ever get translated as being “sinless”. Jesus needed a normal human birth, he was already wiping the sins of the world away anyway, The vessel didn’t matter other than Prophetic bloodline. Stop making the wonderful woman out to be any more than what she was, Jesus’ mother. She is not sitting at the right hand of God or Jesus. Protestants believe that scripture is all we need because the Catholic church has had a history of manipulating the masses and controlling faith and religion to manipulate the sheep. If you are reading this and haven’t done any research on your own church history, please take a few days to see how so many people were MURDERED for just reading and translating the word to English. How many people were killed for standing against indulgences. The church has a checkered past, and until the Light of the World is allowed to be the soul source of light, darkness will remain creeping in. God is a jealous God and wants your prayers alone. The veil was torn, go to him directly. OH and furthermore, The Rock Jesus was talking to Peter about was Jesus and the ministry he was founding through him self. Stop manipulating scripture for your own means! I do really enjoy your current Pope though! Hope to talk to you all someday soon!

    • Ex Seminarian

      Really ??? was that even necessary? You need Jesus. I mean you come on here to do this? what you think we gonna join your church because the catholic church committed ills? Which religion hasnt? Which religion hands are clean? None. Even yours im sure hate certain ” types” of people. Oh wait i forgot love the sinner hate the sin. Yeah right!!

      • Curry Russell

        Sure it was necessary. Most people have no idea about the history of their own faith. Most catholics haven’t even opened their Bible unless it was too the “good” parts. I am sitting with a Catholic “Bible” Study now on Revelations. Almost all of the people in the group have been in the church their WHOLE lives are most are elderly, and NONE, not one person has ever read the book of Revelations. This is appalling. How would a person ever develop a relationship with Christ without getting to know Him, and how do we do that? Through His word, and through prayer to HIM. I don’t need a relationship with a wonderful woman who raised the Light of the World, I want to continue my relationship with the Son, and the Father. You specify “Religion” as if each denomination or “separation” of the church is it’s own. I attend a Baptist church, which is highly against sin, While I personally am not against much at all, I find that their doctrines are much more in line with the Word of God where others have no bearing at all. Like the Catholic church. I will give it to you, that the Catholics do so well with the poor and needy, but present themselves in Ferraris to do it. I don’t hate anyone, I don’t want to hate, I want to show love, at times I fail. But I find the biggest problem with the “Christian Faith” is ignorance about what and why we believe. Most people are just lemmings doing what they were told to do as children rather than research and actually believe something. And this troubles me deeply. A person may as well been born Muslim or Hindu or Catholic… Faith isn’t something you’re born into, it is something you choose to belief, and belief comes from hearing, not by seeing. Tell me how much of the Catholic faith is VISUAL? from garments, statues, church buildings, icons, paintings, and communion. All visual. Faith doesn’t come by seeing, I think someone named Jesus said that. So before you tell me that I need “Jesus”, let me introduce him to you.. Jesus is the greatest “person” to ever walk our Earth. His sacrifice was for all man kind, at the cost of being separated from his Godly Father. You don’t have to jump through hoops to believe in him, you ask him to reside in your heart right now. Jesus has already forgiven your sins, He knew them on the cross, He knew your whole life on that cross, and for you to continually ask for forgiveness is as if you are crucifying him over and over. Take the give of Love into your heart and share it with others. We are told to “Go and make Disciples”… Not go, and sit in a church building, go to confession, pray to dead people, blah blah… Go, and make disciples. A disciple is a person who makes other disciples. A christian is one who doesn’t do anything for their faith, just continually asks for things, depressed about all of their lives, and won’t share their faith with anyone. I don’t care about sin, because God’s Son paid for it, it’s gone, all we need to do now is have Faith in him to Save us in the end. If you disagree with this, I kindly ask you to study and find the answer for yourself, but it is in the Bible, not the holy rule book of the Catholic church. have a great day!

      • Ex Seminarian

        Okay.I made my point. Why again are u on here? It’s a catholic website. What do you want ?

      • Curry Russell

        Because I love to learn. I have been listening to the Catholic Channel on XM Radio for over 8 years, I got hooked on Lino and The Catholics next door, and the Busted Halo. I have called in, won multiple contests and prizes. I truly love our faith and our differences. But we all should try to question and prove our faith. We should be able to and be ready to defend it. If this is a struggle for you and for others, I am only giving you opportunities to prove me wrong, to possibly teach me more. But along the way, I may prove someone else wrong and teach someone else something. I am not a scholar, but I am a lover of faith, all of it. I hate the division in the church, it is like a giant scab that keeps getting picked at. My question is why aren’t you elsewhere? Learning and gaining knowledge? Preparing yourself to Stand against the Devil? We have instructions..we should probably follow them. But thanks for questioning me.

      • John Lee

        “Hail, Holy Queen” is a book by theologian Scott Hahn that I highly recommend. It’s a light and easy read, and it provides the scriptural evidence that we all as Christians desire. If you are truly yearning to grasp the biblical theology behind Marian doctrine, his book would serve as a nice evening read with a Bible at hand.

      • Michael S Clifford

        Who do you think completed compiled the Scriptures? The One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Christian Church! You’re in no position to demand Scriptural proof of anything from the Church which Christ founded especially when you can’t prove sola Scriptura (Saint John 20:30-31, 21:25, 2 Saint Peter 1:20) without manipulating Scripture to make it fit sola Scriptura (2 Saint Paul to Saint Timothy 3:16-17) so I wouldn’t be falsely accusing the Church of manipulating the masses (Saint Luke 10:16) to control the faith if I were you (Saint Matthew 7:5)!

      • Katie Banaszak Dupre

        You are making an awful lot of assumptions in your posts…just because you are w/ 1 bible study of Catholics that you can speak for the whole community? And go back and read what you have written because you sound like you hate Catholics. Everyone has the capacity to sin even church leaders and your baptist church which is strongly against sin (btw so is the Catholic Church you know we go to confession on a regular basis, every mass begins w/ a confession of sins and so on) has had its own leaders/members that have committed their own sins. We are all human and we are all going to fail no matter how hard we try and to fault a whole religion because we are all human is wrong.

  • Ivon LeBlanc

    I pray to Mary quite often. This video helps to explain why to others! Great job Busted Halo!!!

  • PWB

    Yeah I shared this on Facebook. It got absolutely nowhere with my Fundamentalist/Evangelical friends. Of course, the regular sola scriptura heresy accusations of “unbiblical”. Sad for them that they don’t realize that nowhere is it in the Bible nor never was it ever said that the Bible is the only authority. Oh well. I guess it’s fun and easy for them to take an intellectually lazy approach to Christianity.

    • robert

      Except that nearly everything we believe about Mary is supported by scripture, except for the Assumption and the Immaculate Conception. But even there, the Church supported the doctrine with scripture. The Rosary is complete scriptural. I am Episcopalian. There is no good reason why every Christian cannot revere Mary.

  • Lynn Anne L’Heureux

    Thank you so much. This is very well done. I am looking forward to using it with RCIA. It is the most asked question, Why Mary? Even some Catholics have difficulty understanding. I will use it with the youth group as well. Lynn

  • Judith

    Great video, clear and well made, but I have three questions…one, where in the bible does it say mary was born and lived without sin – surely that would have made her the Saviour? Two, Where does it say she never died and was taken to heaven? Three, how can she have been a virgin all her life…Jesus had younger brothers and sisters as recorded in the Bible :.Mark6:3. This teaching seems to disagree with the teaching in the Bible so I am a little confused.

    • Linda Dugan

      Judith, I hope someone with more knowledge will reply to you. I’ll tell you what I think but I am not an authority. That Mary was born and conceived without sin in the bible, when greeted by Elizabeth, she said “Hail, full of grace.” I’ve heard that this can be interpreted as being 100% grace, hence, no sin. Also, Revelation seems to imply that Mary was a woman who is not on par with any other woman. “clothed with the sun, a crown of stars”, Rev 12:1. The Bible does not say that Mary did not die and was taken into Heaven. Historians believe her bones would have been sought after and searched for, but also show they were never found. Both the Immaculate Conception and Assumption are dogmas of the Church, which were defined by Popes, who we believe are given by God the charism to do so. (Mt 28:18-20) Also, the bibie may not spell out these dogmas but it does not refute them, either. Regarding the brothers and sisters of Jesus, I have heard that cousins back then may also be called brothers. It has to do w/ the language, the interpretation, and the words are used in context. Catholics do not believe every word of the Bible should be taken literally. Example: “An eye for an eye; a tooth for a tooth.” Different books were written as different genres as well.

      I hope someone else will comment on this. I will refer you to one book Hail, Holy Queen by Scott Hahn. I’m sure there are better resources as well.

    • anotherstrongopinion

      judith, i am not a theologian, but logically: 1. mary was not born without sin. if she had been born without sin, she would not have needed the savior, she would have been the savior. 2. she was human like the rest of us. she was very devout and deserves respect for that, but not worship. she was not taken to heaven. she will go with the rest of us. 3. she was not a virgin all of her life. if she had been, then the siblings of christ would have been conceived immaculately and they would have been like christ.

  • Pat

    yow! this is awesome…I forwarded it to several friends who often ask me about my devotion to the Blessed Mother!…It’s also a succinct explanation about the Immaculate Conception…Thank you!

  • http://twitter.com/theologyontap Theology on Tap

    who made the video. A two year old?

  • http://www.facebook.com/przedzienkowski Jim Przedzienkowski

    Nice and concise Needs wider distribution in the social media. You guys are doing a great job.

  • KAB

    This is great! I was hoping to show it at RCIA tonight since this is the week of the Immaculate Conception (I am an RCIA Director / DRE). I don’t have internet access in our meeting room, though. I was able to download the Advent in Two Minutes. Could you please make this one available for download also? Thank you!

    • http://bustedhalo.com/author/joe-williams Joe from Busted Halo

      Hi KAB – We’ve added a download link to the article. Feel free to download and show at RCIA. Happy Advent!

      • KAB

        Thanks so much! I showed it and it was very well received. Great job!

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