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October 27th, 2015

St. Christina the Astonishing (Fr. Steve’s Spooky Saints)


The saints are our mentors and models who show us ways to live our faith. However, some of their stories can be terrifying and downright…spooky. Fr. Steve presents one of these spookier saintly stories as he tells the tale of Saint Christina the Astonishing –– a woman that some called mad, and some called holy. Watch this short, spooky video, right in time for Halloween and All Saints Day.

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  • Frank

    At the time this St Christina is suposed to have lived (and for centuries after that )seizures were accepted by the church as possession by the devil. So this was OK with the curch at that time? By the way note the narrator’s use of “It was said at the time.that…” . Er… exactly WHO said all this? After this vague allusion he goes on as if stating FACTS! His suggestion that SHE was nuts goes way beyond Saint Christina…

    • Donald Paul

      Perhaps you didn’t see that she is a canonized saint with a feast on the liturgical (solemnly formal publicly established worship of the Church ) and an official attribution of causes and subjects she is patroness for? And why do you think she is called astonishing?

    • Donald Paul

      Sorry, I forgot to add calendar after the parenthetical insertion of the definition of liturgical to inform if you didn’t know and to add emphasis to the reality of being an officially canonized saint on the liturgical calendar. Not to mention, it notes above that the piece was written by editors which means a number of checking and double -checking and maybe even triple-checking their script’s accuracy.

  • Pepe

    That was great! Is this the beginning of a series? (Said hopefully!)

  • Veronica

    Interesting video and story!! I don’t think I’d ever heard of St. Christina before this. It would be great to have a few other videos about other lesser-known saints, to share with young people in religious education.

  • jim collins

    Great video. Do I detect the creative genius of Joe Williams in the making of this video?

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