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November 5th, 2012

Video: Voting Catholic


Voting is important. And when elections roll around, there’s always a lot for voters to consider. Different issues are important to different people. However, the Church has never advocated its members to vote for a particular candidate or vote solely on one issue. In fact, Catholics are never single-issue voters. As Catholics our faith helps us sort out the many complicated issues facing us during election years and leads us to an informed decision about which candidate to vote for.

This Busted Halo original video looks at the U.S. Bishops’ guide to Faithful Citizenship — teachings on issues that are important to the Church. As a people of faith, it’s important that we remember we have a moral obligation to uphold, founded in the teachings of Jesus and of the Church. This video and guide will help you make the best possible choice keeping your faith in mind as you vote in this election. Watch it, share it, and vote.

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  • Jane

    Can we be civil, please?

    I must comment on the “Death Panels” referenced. All FactCheckers will tell you that this is simply not true. It is a lie meant to scare and deceive voters. Is this the sort of man you want to be in charge of the country? One who blatantly creates and repeats lies?

  • Jeff Merk

    Here’s another reference point: http://cnsnews.com/news/article/catholic-bishop-joe-biden-ought-not-be-receiving-communion Should we vote for a candidate who shouldn’t be receiving Communion??

  • Brian

    Elaine, welcome to Texas! Len, don’t let the door hit you in the rear end on your way out.

  • Len

    In regards to Elaine be my guess come live in Texas, I will go to NYC for you glad that it is a Blue State. You are more than welcome to this red state ugh!!!!

  • Len

    Yes wanted to comment on the Vote why is it that not the Church is bother by the fact that Obama is behind this right to choose. In the past Presidentency it didnt seem to bother them with the past 10 president that also dealt with this problem. Why is it such a big deal, now or is because President Obanma is Black and they don’t want him to tell them anything reagarding this or an other issues. See your history of this.

  • Elaine

    I think I should move to Texas. Here in NYS—a blue state, my voice isn’t heard.

  • Anonymous

    I’m going to be voting in this next election, and I must say I’m really split between both of these candidates. I feel very strongly about ending abortion, but I also know there are other issues that if left undiscussed will effect our world as well as the Catholic Church. I appreciate this video because it clearly emphasizes the importance of taking both candidates stances on all issues into consideration. Our church offers us an absolute truth on the value of human life, and I’m confident all of us agree that respecting human life is important(though action on the issue may lead to differences). I’d appreciate if discussion on the election focused more on the qualities of the candidates leadership instead of pointing fingers and just selling one point. Both candidates are God’s children, and we are called to love both of them equally.

  • Henry

    Vote for Romney even though he is a Mormon. Obama is not a good man and does not
    care about the Catholic Church.

  • Bill

    Not all issues are of equal weight especially when neither candidate is against the poor, the environment, etc. They just differ in their approach in solving/dealing with those problems. However, when it comes to all the Sanctity of Life issues there most definitely is a HUGE difference in approach. Since Jesus Christ and our Blessed Mother are not on any ticket I must always choose the lesser of the two evils. It’s a no brainer–Vote Romney/Ryan.

  • Nancy

    I think the Church is very clear on the position of abortion and the sacrament of matrimony. It’s not our job to judge anyone’s “preference”‘but it is pretty clear that those two issues are at the top of list for this election. It’s not my call….or anyone else’s who posts to this article. I agree, we have all examine our conscience. The Ten Commandments are a good starting place.

  • Mary Ann

    could not disagree with Harry more. This video is simply stating what a true Catholic should consider in the order that they should be considered as “a Catholic”. It is an obligation of the Church to do so. Of course they cannot endorse any candidate but educate (as any good mother) their children. To teach and guide and clearly explain the position of the church is exactly what this video does. God gave us free will and the Holy Catholic Church does as well. Thank you for educating and caring for those who view this website.

  • Frank

    thank you so much for putting together
    the page email and all that you’ve done each and everyday .

  • Harry

    Useless video – very circular logic no decision could ever be made. There is a reason for separation of church & state – not everyone shares the same beliefs so my beliefs should not be forced on those who disagree with me. There are many issues to consider – don’t get stuck on single issues.

  • Terri H.

    Mike, you are absolutely right! I almost wish the Catholic Church would just come out and say that between the 2 Presidential candidates before us, Romney is the candidate the Church supports!!

    And, yes, basically by voting for Obama, you are saying that you are endorsing a current President and candidate that fosters a mission of death–not just with the unborn, but also with our elderly! Just research Obama’s death panels. It’s just been a matter of time. If they have no problem ending an unborn life, they will have NO problem ending the life of our elderly all in the name of “saving money.”

    It shouldn’t sit well with us that Obamacare forces small businesses and corporations to pay for insurance that goes against their/our Christian principles. They are being forced to pay for contraceptives for their employees and if they don’t they are fined. Take Hobby Lobby for example–they are a Christian, family run company that has for the past 4 years raised the wages of their employees even in this down economy. If I’m not mistaken their employees start at 80% over minimum wage. With Obamacare they will be forced to carry insurance that goes against their Christian principals. If they don’t they will be fined 1 and a half million dollars per day for not conforming! Why would a gov’t want to hurt companies like these? Doesn’t sound like a President or candidate that I want to support!!

    I’m disappointed in the Catholic Church for being so timid and not wanting to rock the boat!! Truth is a double-edged sword and it WILL divide, but ultimately a greater good will come from it!! Yep, euthanasia is a consequence of abortion! If we can kill a baby in the womb, we’ll have no problem killing a sick or elderly person! Just a matter of time!

    I just wish more Catholics would stand up and help other “Catholics” see the light! I’ll be honest! I have kept my mouth shut on social media about my political opinion for the fear of “rocking the boat” and offending others. But, not anymore!! Guilty silence is NOT love of country! God bless us one and all!

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