Busted Halo
October 30th, 2013

You Don’t Know Jack… about the saints


Jack is back, this time hitting the streets of New York City’s East Village to find out what people know about the saints. Are they all perfect people? Do they have to be Catholic? What are their best qualities? Follow our friend and colleague, Fr. Jack Collins, CSP, as he journeys the city to find out what people know.

Music: Kevin MacLeod

The Author : The Editors

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  • Shelly

    Chris, that IS what the church teaches. However, some saints are famous and have stories that inspire us, lead large groups of people to Christ, change their world in their time, are witness to or part of miracles, etc. Therefore the church elevates and makes examples of them.

  • Chris

    It’s a shame that the Catholic Church doesn’t understand the true meaning of Saints and instead tries to tell people that only a chosen few people that lived “good” lives are Saints. Why not tell them the TRUTH that Saints are ALL people redeemed through faith in Christ Jesus.

  • Carmen

    Fantastic! Thanks:)…and Happy All Saints Day!!!

  • Kelly

    Jack you have out done yourself yet again! My wise old father introduced this site to me!
    Kelly Baby

  • Rodney Munchkins

    This video needs to catch on fire

  • John

    I really enjoy these! I learnt something from both of them, and I lol’d at the merchandising bit – keep ’em coming!

  • Noel

    You did it again Busted Halo! You got the man and the Word out on the street and it rocks! Great format, camera shots, locations, and of course…the finest JACK anywhere! Blessings on the projects…keep ’em coming!

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