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Monday December 21 – Where did you hike/bike/walk today and how did it feel
Sara Carey
Crossville, TN
Today, I walked with my husband through the garden of life!
O Holy Night CD by David Phelps

Sunday December 20 – Where do you need more humility?
Bridget Dunmore
Tarrytown, NY
At work
The Wisdom of His Compassion: Meditations on the Words and Actions of Jesus by Joseph Girzone

Saturday December 19 – Where did you find magic today?
Michelle Cantanese
Houston, TX
The sunshine: after a week of rain, it felt magical to finally have some sunshine today.
Miracle on the Hudson: The survivors of Flight 1549 by William Prochnau and Laura Parker

Friday December 18 – What microChallenge was was most special or challenging?
Elaine Dankowski
Buffalo, NY
karaoke with family and friends
Alma Mater: Music from the Vatican CD featuring the voice of Pope Benedict XVI

Week 3 winner
Nick Peeters
Oshkosh, WI
Bible Stick

Thursday, December 17
Elizabeth Diedrich
Chicago, Illinois
The Slippery Year: A meditation on happily ever after by Melanie Gideon

Wednesday Dec 16
Tehachapi, CA
Purity 365: Daily reflections on true love by Jason Evert

Tuesday Dec 15
Dusty Osborne
Lewiston, Idaho
A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller

Monday Dec 14
Tina Gonzalez
Los Angeles, CA
For Lovers of God Everywhere by Roger Housden

December 13
Betsy Naseman
Sidney, OH
Touched by an Angel: Inspiration Collection DVD

December 12
Kristen Zychinski
Chicago, IL
Faith Under Fire: An Army chaplain’s memoir by Roger Benimoff

Week 2 winner
Josette Stegmair
Monrovia, CA
a Busted Halo logo hoodie

December 11
Kriss Auger
North Kingstown, R.I.
Awake My Soul edited by James Martin, SJ

December 10
Alicia Van Boogard
Appleton, WI
The Difference God Makes by Francis Cardinal George, O.M.I.

December 9
Ed Brink
St. Louis, MO
Ten Prayers God Always Says Yes To by Anthony DeStefano

December 8
Cecilia Richardson
Liberty, MO
Thou Shalt Laugh 4 DVD

December 7
Angelica Quinonez
San Francisco, CA
Faith Comes by Hearing: New American Bible CD

December 6
Elaine Dankowski
Buffalo, NY
In Due Season: A Catholic Life by Paul Wilkes

December 5
Sara Carey
Crossville, TN
Isaac Hecker for Every Day edited by Ron Franco, CSP

Week 1 winner
Sandy Hyacinthe
Miami, FL
BH coffee mug and hot chocolate

December 4
Tim Stawicki
Chicago, IL
Thou Shalt Laugh 4 DVD

December 3
Lynn Muckerman
Hoboken, NJ
Jesus: A new understanding of God’s Son by Joseph F. Girzone

December 2
Martha Hughey Gloves
Conyers, GA
Sacred Space: the prayer book 2010 by the Jesuit Communication Centre, Ireland

December 1
Carolyn Wright
Birmingham, AL
Walking the Bible: A journey by land through the five books of Moses by Bruce Feiler

November 30
Mary Beth Coates
Kenmore, NY
The Secret History of Dreaming by Robert Moss

November 29
Roberta Ciraulo
Portland, OR
My Life with the Saints by James Martin, SJ
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