It was 50 years ago that my mother spent a few hours in labor to give birth to her first child—a son named David, later nicknamed “Happy Dave,” and still later ordained “Father Dave.” I have my mom and dad to thank for my life, and many of you to thank for your support of Busted Halo® ministries. Life is truly a gift! While celebrating the first 50 years of my life I cannot help but think about what the future will bring. What is the future of young people in the Catholic Church? I was blessed to have people in my life who were there for me when I was a young adult, pointing the way to Jesus and the Church. Busted Halo® is one of the few voices bringing Jesus’ message of love, hope, and mercy to people in their 20s and 30s. So today, on my birthday, I have an invitation for you. If you have found Busted Halo® in any way valuable in your life, help us give that gift to someone else who is seeking God. Make a donation to our “50 at 50 Campaign” and help us flood the digital highway with creative ways to connect young adults with God. Honor those hours my mom spent in labor with a few minutes of your time and a pinch of generosity. Thanks to all of those who have already made donations. I am personally grateful for your support. But we don’t have much time left to reach our goal of $50,000. So, please make your donation today!


— Fr. Dave Dwyer, CSP

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Busted Halo® fosters a community where thousands of seekers explore spiritual questions, and provides a “welcome back” to the many young adults who return to their Catholic faith because of our ministry. We pledge to be here when you need us. We need you too. Please consider a gift that will help support Busted Halo®. Thank you!

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