Busted Halo’s Digital Pilgrimage

A Buick, a beagle and Busted Halo take on America

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What happens when a girl, a boy and a blind beagle jump in a ’97 Buick LeSabre and take a road trip across America? We’re not sure yet, but it should be pretty awesome — and we want you to be a part of it.

Brittany, who does development at Busted Halo®, her boyfriend Samuel, who does a different kind of development at an internet startup, and their loveable and perpetually hungry beagle Shiloh, who makes a profession of sniffing and snoozing, are headed for Google in San Francisco, where Samuel is presenting at the SVG Open conference it’s hosting. They’re jumping in the LeSabre, Flip video camera in hand, and hitting the road for an old fashioned cross country trip, ending at one of the most futuristic places in America. And along the way they want to meet you.

Busted Halo® prides itself on talking about old truths in new and innovative ways. One of the oldest truths is that the Catholic Church is universal — just take one look at our Facebook fan page and it’s pretty obvious you are all very different, but with a common desire to explore, share, and grow in your faith.

We want to help. So in true Busted Halo® fashion, we’re mixing the old with the new in a fun way, and road tripping to see you.

We want to know what you’re passionate about, what inspires you about your faith; we want to know where you find God, and we want to help you share that. We’re taking a sort of digital pilgrimage, to find what faith and spirituality means to us — and to you and others in our nationwide Busted Halo audience.

Here is a map of Brittany, Samuel and Shiloh’s proposed route: They leave NYC late night September 25; although the evening stops are not definite (aside from Cleveland to visit their parents), they need to make it to the tech Mecca by October 2, and back to NYC by October 11.

So, if you’re along that route, get in touch and let us come visit, so you share your passions with us. Email brittany (at) bustedhalo (dot) com to plan a visit. Even if you’re not on the route, you can follow their progress — where they are and what’s happened so far on their journey: They’ll be video blogging on our facebook fan page and here on www.bustedhalo.com and giving nightly updates on the radio show.

So let Britt and Sam come visit you while they’re on their analog journey to the center of digital innovation and back again, and share with us the meaning you find in your causes, faith, and passions.