Debut of The Daily Jolt!

Busted Halo's daily dose of spiritual wisdom and action


When we launched our Fast Pray Give calendar this past Lent, we quickly learned that our readers really loved checking back each day for the little piece of inspiration or information we offered, as well as the small spiritual challenge we gave them along with it. In the midst of their busy lives, people were attracted to the idea of carving out a moment of spiritual contemplation, and coupling it with a meaningful — and very doable — action.

With that discovery in mind, we decided to develop our “Daily Jolt.” Beginning today, Busted Halo will offer a very brief daily insight or inspiration in text, video or audio form on our homepage — and through our Twitter feed and Facebook fan page . Each Jolt will also contain a “microChallenge” asking readers to take that moment of mindfulness and turn it into some small, immediate form of action in their lives.

We understand all too well that spiritual discipline — like any form of discipline in our lives — can be challenging at times, so, as we did with our Lenten calendar, we will periodically offer small incentives (books, Busted Halo Gear, etc.) that readers can win via email. We’ll also ramp up the intensity of the challenges from time to time to see how your deepening spiritual practice affects your ability to act.

Don’t worry, this isn’t a test! There are no right answers here. Our spiritual journeys are all unique and incredibly personal but that doesn’t mean we don’t need a little reminder (or Jolt!) from time to time to keep the journey moving forward. We hope that Busted Halo’s® Daily Jolt can be that sort of reminder for you on your own journey.

So visit us at everyday to get your Daily Jolt or sign up for our Twitter feed and Facebook fan page. You can also look in our Jolt Archives to see what you’ve missed.

We want to hear from you…

Do you have your own ideas for a good Jolt or microChallenge? Share them with us at If we use yours, we’ll send you a small incentive prize as a thank you.