Essential Reading for the Spiritual Seeker

Anne Rice

Most of us can identify certain teachers or mentors who have had a profound impact on our lives. The same can be said for particular books that have shaped our view of the world. With that in mind, BustedHalo asks the question:

“What books have helped you on your spiritual journey?”

Anne Rice is the best selling author of numerous books, including The Vampire Chronicles. Her new book Christ the Lord, Out of Egypt was published in late 2005.

Anna Karenina: Tolstoy
The genuine Christianity that Tolstoy exhibits makes it the mammoth book that it is. The incredible compassion he had for the characters of the book was life changing. Tolstoy makes Anna’s husband into so compelling a character that he is a tragic figure. Yet, Tolstoy’s focus is really on Anna and her desire to have a love affair with Vronski. Somehow Karenina comes out of the book a hero almost. Tolstoy’s compassion and love for his characters was so great that he couldn’t hold back on any character. He took the novel, which he didn’t realize was supposed to be this tame domestic thing, and wrote this profound work.

Mere Christianity: CS Lewis
This is a wonderful book. It helps you to understand what you already sense is right. It’s a book that I want to buy copies of and pass out to people.

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter: Carson McCullers
It’s amazing that a young woman character could love the variety of characters so much and that she could describe them so emotionally in this small southern town and how they are all seeking love and there’s a sadness that occurs in some of them but they keep going on. There’s really profound affirmation in it. That novel lives in my mind all of the time.

The Heart of the Matter, Phenomenon of Man, et al: Teilhard de Chardin
I’ve just discovered and begun reading the books of Teilhard. I think the way he sees things is simply incredible.

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