Giving Up On Giving Up?


Our Fast, Pray, Give calendar is getting some big time attention! National Public Radio’s website,, asked BustdHalo’s editor-in-chief Bill McGarvey to write a commentary on alternative Lenten fasting practices. They’ve asked us our readers to visit their site and add their comments. The more comments/discussion the piece generates the greater the chance it has of being picked up for NPR radio’s All Things Considered. So click through to here and leave a comment…remember, keep it clean!


mcgbhnprinsideFirst it was chocolate. Then came foul language. And, finally, there was the earnest commitment to abstain from any “off-color” humor. The litany of things I’ve personally tried to “give up” for Lent is a long and undistinguished list of near misses and outright failures.

But then again, personal piety was never my strong suit. I can vividly recall, as a 10-year old, my 12-year-old neighbor telling me that she had given up television for Lent. Television! I remember standing in her house in awe and slightly unsure of whether I should be admiring her saintliness or horrified by her apparent insanity. Perhaps this was some sort of spiritual maturity beyond my 10-year-old soul? Some religious discipline only understood by much older and wiser 12-year-olds?

It wasn’t.

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