“It’s A Wonderful Website”

Annual holiday video from the Busted Halo staff

Do you value an open and lively discussion about faith?

Do you care about a Catholic media outreach that welcomes those seeking answers?

Do you think Busted Halo is a “Wonderful Website?”

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I hope you’ll support us this holiday season in our annual Double Your Dollars Holiday Fund Drive.

All year long, Busted Halo® is your daily source for inspiration, thought-provoking articles, blogs, columns, podcasts, videos, answers to your spiritual questions, and challenges to grow your faith. And every day, this accessible and relevant discussion about the intersection between faith and everyday life is available to you — all for free.

As part of our community, you know what a unique and valuable resource Busted Halo® is. However, even though everything we offer here is free to you, it is not costless to produce. So today we are asking you, as a member of our Busted Halo® family, to show how much you value Busted Halo®.

Busted Halo® depends on the support of readers and listeners like you for a large portion of our annual operating budget. This holiday season (between today and January 9th) you have the opportunity to make TWICE THE IMPACT during our Double Your Dollars Holiday Fund Drive. This year’s matching-gift sponsors are calling you to action. They’ve pledged up to $15,000 to match every dollar you donate this year during the Holiday Fund Drive because they realize how crucial it is that we reach our goal.

Now we need you to help us reach that $15,000 goal! If you value the conversation Busted Halo provides, please take this opportunity to share our ministry, and support a welcoming Catholic voice in the media.

Merry Christmas from all of us at Busted Halo®!

Father Dave Dwyer, CSP