Keep Busted Halo Growing!

I hope you’ll join me this season in supporting Busted Halo® in our annual “Double Your Dollars” Holiday Fund Drive.

With your help, Busted Halo® continues to be a place where we talk about culture, relationships, politics, family and life transitions through the lens of Catholic tradition and spirituality. And thanks to you our ministry has seen tremendous growth this year. Not only have downloads of our podcasts increased five-fold and some of our viral videos have pushed past 100,000 views, we’ve also been blessed with an additional dynamic, creative Paulist priest on our staff, Fr. Steven Bell, CSP.

Busted Halo® depends on the support of friends like you. Between now and the end of the Christmas season, our goal is to raise $15,000 to support our mission. Thanks to a generous offer at the last minute, now every dollar you donate up to that goal will be matched by a faithful supporter from Texas. This means your donation to us counts twice! Even the smallest gift can make a difference because of this matching pledge. Our matching donor has even agreed to double any donations to the Holiday fund drive that have already come in this season. (Thank you!)

Plus, your gift can make an impact all year long. Our Halo Repair Crew is made up of people like you who choose to make monthly donations via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Even a small amount that we can depend on and budget for throughout the year is very helpful — and whatever you pledge to give through EFT for the coming year will count toward our goal and will be doubled.

We don’t often talk about the resources that are needed to keep Busted Halo® going. We are happy to provide all of our media — articles, videos, podcasts, and more — to you free of cost, but it’s not costless to produce.

So, we need your help! Please take this opportunity to express your gratitude for the impact Busted Halo® has on your spiritual journey. Help us continue to be the place where you find inspiration for living a faith-filled life.

May God bless you and your loved ones this Christmas,

Fr. Dave Dwyer, CSP
Director of Busted Halo®