Palm Sunday

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Today we celebrate Passion (Palm) Sunday. We receive palms at Mass in memory of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem where he was hailed by the people with palm branches.

As he enters Jerusalem, Jesus moves closer to his death on the cross. So these palms symbolically point us toward not merely Christ’s death but also His resurrection.

Another lesser-known reference to palm branches is in the book of Revelation, where it speaks of the saints in heaven “wearing white robes and holding palm branches in their hands.” (Revelation 7:9)

The palms suggest that they too are triumphant over death and have come to live in a new life with God. The white robes also remind us of our Baptism, of which we are constantly reminded throughout Lent.

Palm Sunday is a time of great hope in the Resurrection, that while Jesus is accepting his cross soon, the implement of his death will also become a symbol of new life for centuries to come.

Fast from unwelcoming behavior. Take your headphones off and talk to someone. Make small talk with a cashier. Ask someone how their day is going.

Pray for people who suffer from loneliness.

Give a call to someone who you think needs a friendly word.

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