October 2014 Wallpaper


Climate change is in the air (in more ways than just carbon dioxide) with the recent U.N. Climate Summit and the People’s Climate March; so instead of going with a scary Halloween photo for this month, we decided on an even more terrifying image: “Glacier Affected by Climate Change Seen in Antarctica” (Description: The Sheldon Glacier with Mount Barre in the background is seen from Ryder Bay, Antarctica. Climate change is causing the world’s glaciers to melt at an unprecedented rate. CNS photo/NASA handout via Reuters).

With so much frightening news about the impact of climate change, some of October’s holidays actually offer some guidance on ways we can limit some of the consequences…

Did you know that October 1st is World Vegetarian Day? And did you know that a vegetarian diet is actually better for the environment than a meat heavy one? Click here to read more and meanwhile, why not take a break from meat and fish today to help the planet?

October 4th is the Feast of St. Francis, who was a lover of all things environment, nature and animal-related. Here’s a few ways to honor Francis this year, and in case you missed our article about St. Francis and veganism yesterday that combines these first two topics, click here to read.

And when Halloween does finally roll around on the 31st, why not get a little clever with your costume? Go as something that relates the fears of climate change: greenhouse gases, a melting glacier, or a rising tide?

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