Overcoming the Post-Summer Slump

6 tips for getting back in the swing of things after summer vacation


So, you’ve been on summer vacation. You’ve had a few weeks or months off to sleep in and relax. Maybe you’ve gone away to visit family or soak up the sun’s rays.

But now it’s time to go back to a school or work schedule (or both). This can be difficult after the summer lull.

Luckily, Busted Halo® has these handy tips to help you get back in the swing of things.

  1. Good Night, Sleep Tight

    You’ve probably spent your vacation staying up late, whether watching movies, having late night dinner with friends, or roasting marshmallows by a campfire. Now that you’re back to work or school, this will probably change. Remember that you need a full night’s sleep to function well, so adjust your sleep schedule accordingly. If it helps, try going to bed 15 minutes earlier every night until you arrive at your normal, non-vacation bedtime.

  2. An Apple a Day

    On vacation, people tend to pig out on unhealthy foods because they figure this time comes only once a year, and they might as well enjoy it. As a result, when they go back to work or school, these unhealthy habits continue. If you’re busy at work, you pop a frozen dinner in the microwave, and at school you survive on pizza and burgers. Instead, go to the deli counter and buy some lean turkey or roast beef for a healthy sandwich. Also remember to eat fruits and vegetables. You need protein to fuel your day at work or in class, so make the extra effort to make and eat food that is good for you.

  3. Remember What It All Means

    After a relaxing break or an exotic vacation, it may seem like the work that you do is pointless and boring. (You’re not alone.) However, remember that we are all called to discern a vocation. If you’re not sure that your current job fits the bill, work on finding something that does. Your true vocation may not even be your job, but your role as a spouse, parent or volunteer. Our time at work and school is sometimes just a means to an end: our true calling from God. Discovering this true calling will help you love your work. Is God calling you to the priesthood or to join a religious order? Not sure? This video can help.

  4. Say a Little Prayer

    During your vacation, you haven’t had to think about your professional or educational responsibilities. But now it’s time to get back to the real world and prepare for a busy schedule. If you think you’ll have difficulty adjusting, ask God to help you focus on what you have to do. Getting assistance from God will ensure that you are not overwhelmed — just voicing the concern to God in some way will make you feel better!

  5. Give It a Rest!

    These tips may make the return to work and school seem grim, but it’s important to give your life some levity. During the week, take a half hour and watch a sitcom; the laughter will make the problems of the day less earth-shattering. It is also important to recharge on the weekend, whether by hanging out with friends, seeing a movie, or just staying in and reading. Taking a “Sabbath” from your responsibilities to recharge your batteries will ensure that you return to work and school with renewed vigor.

  6. Work/Life Balance

    You’ve had time during your vacation to hang out with your family and friends — there have probably been numerous fun excursions. Don’t let that fall through the cracks when you go back to work or school. If you work late, schedule downtime and make plans with friends on the weekend to make up for lost time with them. If you’ve just moved to a new zip code for a new job, check in with your parents and far-flung friends regularly so they know you’re OK. Even if you can’t physically be with your family and friends at all times, if they know you care that makes all the difference.