Pick Up the Phone, Recommend Your Parish!

Call the Busted Halo® Cast and invite people to visit your church this weekend.

red-church-phoneDo you think your parish or campus ministry is the “best kept secret”? Well, we want to share your secret on the Busted Halo® Cast weekly podcast!

As Busted Halo® Cast listeners already know, each week, we feature a segment on the podcast called “Church Search: Listener Picks” where listeners tell us about their parish or campus ministry and encourage other listeners to visit.

There are many young people who are searching for a spiritual home, we want YOU to tell them about yours.

Here’s what you do: Call 917-591-8476 and leave us a message that includes your first name and the parish you are calling from (say the full name of the parish and include the address). Be sure to mention why the parish is a good place for young people and end with the parish’s website address and social media details.

For example:
“Hi everyone! This is Jane with a shout-out from St. Paul the Apostle parish in busy New York City!  We are located on the corner of West 60th Street and 9th Avenue in Columbus Circle, next door to Fordham University. My parish has a very active young adult community that has a great mix of social events, service events, and spiritual activities. All are welcome to our young adult Mass at 5:15 on Sunday evenings! Check us out at stpaultheapostle.org and like us on Facebook!”

Once you’ve left your “Listener Pick,” pause and then tell us your name, address, and e-mail, so we can send you a prize! Please note that anyone who records a voicemail for this “Listener Picks” segment consents to participation in this recording by Busted Halo, granting Busted Halo the right to edit, use, and reuse this recording for non-profit purposes in all appropriate forms of media.

If you have any questions, please e-mail editor@bustedhalo.com.