Soul Mates

The Wedding of the Year

April 20th–Our big day. All the preparation was done and our day had finally arrived.

Marion had a whole morning of preparation with her bridal party. “We all gathered in my sister Vera’s room, at the hotel and had fun laughing and talking while our hair was being done.” Vera gave Marion their mother’s Communion and Confirmation prayer books that were family keepsakes for many years. (Marion’s mom died when she was in college) This gift moved both Marion and Vera so much that they both started crying.

Mike and his best man, Crash (as he is known), stayed overnight at the parish rectory (courtesy of Fr. Brett) the night before the wedding. They were able to wake up and get all of those last minute preparations in place easily and had time to relax and enjoy the wedding morning as well.

When we finally met at the altar “Marion was more beautiful than I ever could’ve imagined,” said Mike. “I knew she’d look beautiful but I didn’t know she’d look THAT beautiful.”

We elected to do our own welcome at the start of our wedding liturgy. Mike spoke and Marion interpreted his words in sign language (which is Marion’s ministry at our parish. Marion’s friend, Fatima is deaf) Noreen, Marion’s friend, interpreted the rest of the wedding.

Fr. Brett gave a homily that really meant a lot to us. He told a lot of funny, personal, and touching stories. He even mentioned how we have a definite flair for the romantic. “Once, on a plane trip to Chicago, I thought Marion had a cold. She was really sniffly. It turned out that Marion was so moved by a story she was reading in Chicken Soup for the Lover’s Soul, that it made her cry!”

Fr. Eric, another friend of Mike’s, capped off Fr. Brett’s homily with a surprise rendition of Frank Sinatra’s “Young at Heart.” Marion and Mike swayed to his dulcet tones in their seats.

We even wrote our own vows:

  • I, Mike (Marion), pledge my life and love to you Marion (Mike).
  • I will always remember this place where we met and my life started anew. I promise to listen to you with my heart open to understand you.
  • I will give you the respect that you deserve.
  • I will cultivate our relationship as we grow as a couple together.
  • I will always attempt to work at this relationship no matter what because you are worth it. (Mike especially likes this one)
  • I place the needs of this relationship ahead of my own.
  • I pledge to stand by you and always support you, for the rest of our lives together.
  • I will always accept you completely as you are. (Marion especially likes this one)
  • I make a lifetime commitment to YOU today, in front of our families, friends, and God.

    Our reception was so much fun. Fr. Brett boogied all afternoon, while friends laughed, ate, and enjoyed. Both families beemed with pride dancing to both Irish reels and the Italian “Tarentella”.

    Mike commented to some friends that “it was just as we had dreamed. It couldn’t have been more beautiful. I’ve never had, or seen so many people have, so much fun at a wedding before and I’m so happy it was mine.”