The 3rd Annual Oscar Smackdown!

Busted Halo vs. America Magazine..."and the WINNER is"

oscarpodcast2010-flashYou’d think they would have given Up by now. After two consecutive years of getting An Education in Oscar prognosticating, Fr. Jim Martin SJ and Tim Reidy — the Precious cinephiles at America magazine, the national Catholic weekly run by the Jesuits — asked to go head-to-head for a third round with’s editor-in-chief Bill McGarvey on the year’s Best Picture nominees. The Inglourious Basterds at America are well aware that McGarvey is A Serious Man when it comes to film, so they can’t claim to have been Blind Sided.

As the following two-part podcast makes clear, picking Oscar winners is no game to McGarvey. He made it painfully clear to his opponents before taping began that this was not a simulation, there were no Avatars his foes could hide behind to bear the brunt of shame they would feel when McGarvey smote their snot-nose opinions once again.

“We aren’t in high school anymore.” he reminded them. “You can’t go cry into your Hurt Locker in the hall like when you lost at Dungeons and Dragons in the District 9 finals.” Hear for yourself at Americas podcast page (click for part 1 and part 2). If you listen closely you might even detect the faint sound of weeping as the crushing reality of total conquest finally begins to sink in once again.

Come on guys, did you ever really think the outcome was Up in the Air?