The BustedHalo Cast Turns 100!

Some highlights from the first 99 episodes

Fr. Dave Dwyer and Mike Hayes’ entrance into the world of podcasting in December 2005 marked a new chapter in the Paulist Fathers’ great tradition of preaching “old truths in new forms.” Their initial inspiration to create a program that would discuss questions of faith and spiritual seeking for people in their 20s and 30s has grown and changed in ways no one could have predicted. Barely a year into the experiment the success of the podcast has been spun off into the BustedHalo Show with Fr. Dave Dwyer a daily program on Sirius satellite radio. The podcast has also spawned additional programs including one devoted to Fr. Dave’s homilies and another that collects the best bits from the Sirius show.

The tradition of broadcasting goes back far beyond podcasting with the Paulists. In the pioneering days of radio, the Paulists established Station WLWL in 1925 in the very basement studio that Fr. Dwyer resurrected for the podcast.

For this our 100th episode, we’ve culled some of the best moments from the previous 99. We hope you enjoy it and look forward to making next 100. Thanks to all of our podcast subscribers for their continued support.