The Return of the Daily Jolt!

After our Lent Calendar is finished you can still count on us for daily reflection and prayer


Thanks to tremendous word of mouth from you, our readers — not to mention great coverage from USA Today and other national media and the hundreds of widgets we’ve given out to websites and bloggers around the globe — this year’s FastPrayGive Lenten Calendar has been an enormous success.  Beginning with “Show Us Your Ash” on Ash Wednesday, continuing on through our Lenten Laptop Pilgrimage on the Camino up through these final days of Holy Week, we’ve set site records in terms of traffic and reader participation.

Thousands of you are checking back each day for a little piece of inspiration as well as a small spiritual challenge. The feature’s popularity has also generated numerous emails from readers who are wondering how they can continue to do some form of cyber-spiritual practice once Easter is over. In the midst of their busy lives, readers have been attracted to the idea of carving out a moment of spiritual contemplation, and coupling it with a meaningful — and very doable — action. The good news is that after Lent is over and the Easter candy has been eaten, you will still be able to count on Busted Halo® for daily reflection and prayer.

Our FastPrayGive Calendar grew out of our Daily Jolt feature that exists on the site year-round. (We just ramp up the intensity a bit during Advent and Lent). So beginning the day after Easter, the Daily Jolt returns. Each day the Jolt will offer a brief daily insight/inspiration in text, video or audio form on our homepage — and through our Twitter feed and Facebook fan page. Each Jolt will also contain a “microChallenge” asking readers to take that moment of mindfulness and turn it into some small, immediate form of action in their lives.

Our spiritual journeys are all unique and incredibly personal, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need a little Jolt from time to time to keep the journey moving forward.

We understand all too well that spiritual discipline — like any form of discipline in our lives — can be challenging at times, so, as we did with our Lenten calendar, we will periodically offer small incentives (books, Busted Halo Gear, etc.) that readers can win via email. We’ll also ramp up the intensity of the challenges from time to time to see how your deepening spiritual practice affects your ability to act.

Don’t worry, this isn’t a test! There are no wrong answers here, our spiritual journeys are all unique and incredibly personal, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need a little Jolt from time to time to keep the journey moving forward. We hope that Busted Halo’s® Daily Jolt can be that sort of reminder for you on your own journey. So visit us at everyday to get your Daily Jolt or sign up for our Twitter feed and Facebook fan page. You can also look in our Jolt Archives to see what you’ve missed.

We thank you for all your support and for returning each day to see what daily meditation, lesson and practice we had to share. The FastPrayGive contest grand prize Flip video camera and Easter basket will be awarded Easter Monday, so continue coming back each day this Holy Week where we are doubling, tripling and quadrupling your chance to win.

If you are interested in adding the Busted Halo® FastPrayGive/Daily Jolt widget to your website homepage or blog, email to share the experience with your friends and readers.

We wish you all good blessings during this Holy Week.