Tyler’s Ride

Paulist Productions launch their first web-based series

The Paulist Fathers, who founded and continue to sponsor BustedHalo® have a long and distinguished reputation for being at the forefront of the convergence of faith, media and technology. Paulist Press, whose founding dates back to 1888, became one of the leading publisher of hardcover and paperback books. While in 1960, the late Father Ellwood “Bud” Kieser founded Paulist Productions in Los Angeles that went on to produce award-winning television series and feature-length films.

The distinctions between “new” media—the internet—and more traditional forms are, of course, quickly disappearing. (BustedHalo® is continuing to work more with video and has also partnered with Paulist Press to establish a publishing imprint BustedHalo® Books.) In a similar fashion we are pleased to announce that the LA-based members of the Paulist family, Paulist Productions, are embarking on their first web-based video series with the web-release of “Tylers’ Ride.

The show centers on, a 23-year-old college senior who is forced into the real world when his parents cut him off financially and abruptly end his easy, pampered lifestyle. The webisodes, which begin airing on April 22, also feature Jeremy Camp, a popular Christian music artists who has sold 2 million cds worldwide and been nominated for numerous awards.

Take a look at the clip below