Where’s God? ep4 — 66 Chevy Impala

Seeking the sacred dimensions of daily life

Faith, spirituality and religion are too often looked upon as the province of “experts” who spend all their time in places of worship with their noses buried deep in holy books. At BustedHalo.com we frequently hear from readers who desperately want to explore their spiritual questions but feel alienated from traditional faith communities. The fact of the matter is that the experience of sacredness is as unique and personal as our fingerprints, but we sometimes fail to recognize these moments as God’s way of speaking to us in our everyday lives.

“Where’s God?” is our attempt to look more imaginatively at the movement of grace in each of our lives and chronicle the countless different ways God is at work. We hope that Joey Kilrain’s experience of finding God in a 1966 Chevy Impala will inspire others to realize that it doesn’t take an “expert” to see God’s presence in their own lives.

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We hope to shoot more segments in the near future, so we encourage readers to share where God is for them below.

Originally published February 1, 2009.