You Showed Us Your Ash Results 2010

And the winner is...

The results are in.

Each and every ash shot we recieved had a special style that was all its own. Some were big, some small, some bold, and others a little more demure. It was no easy task, but our team of Busted Halo ash specialists have gathered and conferred, but there can only be one (okay, or maybe a few) winner(s).

So, without further ado…

Grand Prize-Best All-Around Ash
Victoria Hathaway

Awards in Special Categories

Most Extreme Ash
Marion Wise and Molly Jewett

Best Mommy & Me Ash
(Tie) Candace McMillan and Sarah O’Keefe Stoddard

Most Intense Ash
Dan Smrokowski

Best InternASHional Ash
(also winner for “Biggest Ash,” “OMG! Ash,” and “You Must Get Time Off in Purgatory for That Ash”)
Di Williams (UK)

Best Ash Party
Juan Carlos Cruz & the RCIA Candidates at St. Paul’s in Westwood, CA

Best Family Ash
The Escobar Family

Most Artistic Ash
Elaine Schienvar

Best Classic Ash
Jamie Shover

Best Collegiate Ash
Katie Schutzkus

Most Mischievous Ash
Lisa Gomes

Best First Time Ash
N.O. (New Episcopalian)

Big ashes, small ashes, smears and perfect crosses, first time smudgees and old pros, thanks to all those who took a moment on Wednesday to document their dust and send it to us.

Enjoy the slide show below, and come back every day to the FastPrayGive Lent calendar, Busted Halo’s unique approach to Lent that is completely unflunkable, entirely relevant and totally inspiring.

Click this image of Grand Prize Winner Victoria Hathaway to start the slide show, then click the left or right edge or use your arrow keys to advance or reverse