How To Make Incredible (and Healthy) Super Bowl Snacks

Image from Hungry Happenings,
Image from Hungry Happenings,
The Super Bowl is this weekend. Whether you are a Seahawks or Patriots fan, or barely a sports fan at all, you know you’ll be watching — even if it is just for the commercials and halftime show! It’s a tradition to get together with friends and family, watch the game, and feast on all types of Super Bowl snacks, which generally aren’t compatible with that New Year’s diet you started a few weeks ago. To help save your weekend and your waistline, I’ve found some super-healthy, super-simple, Super Bowl-worthy snacks to make you look super-awesome on game day.

Dippers and Dunkers

Dips are always a crowd favorite. They’re easy to make, easy to eat, and easy to serve. They can be cheesy and fattening, or they can be fresh, low-calorie and delicious! Guacamole is the perfect dip to serve to guests. There are many recipes online and probably among your group of friends. Guacamole often contains avocado (the superfood), tomatoes, lime, cilantro and red onions. Add in whatever spices you desire to give it more or less heat. Serve with tortilla or pita chips and you’ve got yourself a great snack! Try this tasty recipe.

The next dip is something that combines a popular snack with a creamy dip. Buffalo Chicken everything pops up all over restaurant menus and recipe websites. At your Super Bowl party, serving Buffalo Chicken Dip will give your guests more protein and keep them fuller and more satisfied than your average appetizer. This recipe makes it “skinny,” replacing the fatty ingredients with healthier counterparts. If you’re into spicy, creamy and low fat, this dish is for you.

The best poppable app is meatballs. Packed with protein and flavor, you can’t go wrong with mini meatballs.


My favorite snacks to eat are things that I can just pop in my mouth. No napkin or plate necessary — and no mess! The best poppable app is meatballs. Packed with protein and flavor, you can’t go wrong with mini meatballs. This recipe for Southwest Turkey Meatballs with a cilantro dipping sauce is delicious. The jalapeños and scallions will add a little spice to your game day, but you can cool it down with the creamy dip made with low-fat buttermilk and Greek yogurt. Kitchen hack: Use the leftover dip for a flavorful salad dressing.

Next up: mini crab rangoons! Everyone’s favorite part of Chinese takeout in a mini, waistline-friendly form! By baking the rangoons instead of frying them and using (flaky and light) filo dough instead of the normal buttery crust, you can cut out lots of calories. This recipe calls for chunks of crab, which can be pricey and might not be your style. Substitute something equally flavorful — perhaps taco-seasoned ground beef or maybe just some chopped green onions.

Shaped Like a Pigskin

Who doesn’t want at least one appetizer at their Super Bowl party shaped like a football? There are lots of ideas out there – such as football-shaped cheese balls and desserts. Keeping with the theme of healthy eating, I’ve found some pigskin-shaped food items that aren’t overkill on the calorie front (although I admit it wasn’t easy).

The combination of cheese and crackers is an appetizer staple, and this blogger has figured out how to make hers look like footballs (with the help of Town House crackers.) You can tweak the recipe by using low-fat cheese and Greek yogurt instead of ranch dressing (for the laces). Try your own healthy spin.

Lastly, I have football-shaped zucchini fritters — another favorite snack of mine. The recipe calls for frying them in vegetable oil, but you can slim down the recipe using coconut oil. (Beware: the fritters might be on the sweeter side.) Skip the potatoes in this recipe and use shredded cauliflower for a healthy alternative, which will work equally well with the eggs to create a binder for the fritters.

However you choose to celebrate the Super Bowl, remember — it’s only a game. The important parts are the friends, family and food you enjoy with it. Keep everyone in a good mindset (whether their team’s winning or losing) by providing healthy and nourishing treats.