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Evolution, from a Catholic Perspective?

Although popular culture loves to tell us that science and religion are always at odds, that isn’t really the case. Father Dave and Brett get a call from a radio listener who says she’s heard that believing in evolution is compatible with the Catholic faith, and she’s curious as to how that works: “How do we reconcile the theory of evolution along with our faith?”

Father Dave demystifies this subject, first by explaining that the answer isn’t so mysterious at all. While one might think the theory of evolution expressly contradicts the biblical story of Creation, Father Dave explains that “the content of our faith, particularly in the Scriptures, [isn’t] addressing the same questions … The particular storytelling style and literary forms that we find in the creation stories in Genesis were never meant to answer scientific origins of the universe or the planet Earth or human beings or anything else. They’re answering essentially what we do on the show: questions of faith! They’re addressing religious truths.”

Father Dave further explains that the only tenet of the theory of evolution that Catholics reject is the Darwinian idea that evolution is ultimately a random process. Catholics believe that the evolution of our world and all of the creatures in it is anything but random, and, in fact, it all further evidences the presence of God.

(Original Air 03-23-17)