Fr. Dave's Homilies

Faith Is Not Just for Me

In this homily preached at St. Killian’s Catholic Church in Mission Viejo, California, Father Dave reflects on the messages of the Lenten Daily Mass readings. Unlike in other liturgical seasons, where the daily readings typically go in a chronological sequence from day to day, the readings during Lent focus on thematic similarities. In this case, the themes are community and covenant.

Father Dave explores these themes in their original contexts, as well as in a modern context. While it would have been understood by early biblical scholars that the covenant was a promise with an entire community, and not just a one-on-one promise between God and an individual, Father Dave points out the growing trend of folks saying that they don’t participate in an organized religion or faith community because they rely on their own spirituality. Father Dave explains how spirituality is not meant to be a solely individual experience, but a communal one:

“It’s not spiritual self-help, our faith… It’s a piece of it, but it doesn’t end there. We’re challenged to take our devotion and bring it to the world.” Preached at St. Kilian Catholic Church, Mission Viejo, CA on 03-22-17.

Photo credit: Cardinal Gerhard Muller celebrates Mass at St. Ferdinand Church in Chicago. (CNS photo/Karen Callaway, Catholic New World)