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Father Dave 30-Day Challenge


It’s Fat Tuesday all over again in this podcast from the Busted Halo Radio Show, as Father Dave, Brett, Mike, and Christina chow down on some pizza in the studio on the eve of the annual Father Dave 30-Day Challenge.

Christina, a new voice on the Busted Halo Show, says she loves the discipline of the challenge, but asks, “Is this Lent again?” Father Dave says: “[The 30 Day Challenge] was born out of something that is not foreign to me at this moment — having a long summer vacation where I ate a lot and needed to lose some weight. So, I figured I’m not going to be disciplined enough to do this myself unless I announce it publicly on the radio — and what the heck, maybe other people would like to do something!”

This year, Father Dave and Mike are both aiming to lose a few pounds — and have a friendly competition as they do. Brett, in addition to giving up alcohol, is going to try to live on a pescetarian diet, meaning no meat other than fish. Last year, as Father Dave points out, Brett gave up red meat for the 30-Day Challenge, which he chose to continue to do after the challenge was over. Christina is diving into the challenge too: “I’m thinking about two things. I want to add in some prayer — so I think I want to start doing the Divine Mercy Chaplet every day, [which is] a chaplet you pray on the Rosary … and it’s from Saint Faustina, and she got it from a vision from Jesus … It’s just a prayer asking for God’s mercy for the whole world … And then I also want to be better about how I spend my money … I’m going to only buy things I absolutely need.”

Will Father Dave and Mike stay the course and reach their goals? Stay tuned to find out! And join us by giving yourself a 30-Day Challenge this summer. You can let us know you’re participating through our Facebook event page! Busted Halo’s official Father Dave 30-Day Challenge began July 19 and end August 18, so if you’re just hearing about it now, feel free to jump right in with us, or start your own 30-day challenge today!

(Original Air 07-18-17)