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Father Dave Convinces You: Why Holy Days of Obligation are Important


In a new segment called “Father Dave Convinces You,” a listener named Julie asks Father Dave to convince her why she should attend Mass on holy days of obligation. She explains that she understands why going to Mass on Sundays is important, but challenges that there is no biblical evidence for holy days.

Julie suspects that we go to Mass on Sunday because of the Ten Commandments, but Father Dave says that’s not actually the case. He explains that Jesus gave authority to Peter as pope. In Scripture, Jesus declares that whatever Peter binds on earth will also be bound in heaven. He points out that applies to us as well.

“The Ten Commandments do not mention Sunday. They mention the Sabbath day, and Sunday is not the Sabbath. Sunday is the day that Jesus Rose from the dead. So that’s a loose analogy at best. So in the same way that if kids in your family are saying, ‘Why do we need to go over to grandma’s on her birthday?’ It’s because it’s our special day. This is us as family. This is what we do. It’s grandma’s birthday and grandma gave us a lot.”

Father Dave applies his family birthday analogy to holy days. “The Church has given us a lot, and those holy days of obligation are usually around somebody like Mary. She intercedes for us a lot. So to spend an hour six times a year to give back a little bit with our time for all of the time and intercession that Mary has given… I would say it’s a similar rationale to the kids that don’t want to go to grandma’s on her birthday because it’s a nice day out.” (Original Air 1-09-20)