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Fatherly Advice: I’m Struggling With My Daughter’s Decision to Become a Nun


A listener named Leah calls the show in search of some Fatherly Advice. She tells Father Dave that her oldest daughter is becoming a nun, and she’s having a hard time accepting this. She explains: “I did not grow up Catholic, but I am Catholic now, and my daughter is becoming a nun. We went to her investiture and everyone said, ‘What a blessing,’ and ‘Congratulations,’ but I’m struggling because I won’t see her as much, and I miss her.”

Father Dave encourages Leah to speak to other parents who have experienced a similar situation, even if it just be their kids growing up and moving out. Father Dave also asks Leah if she would feel the same way if her daughter were getting married and moving to another country. Leah says that she would feel the same way but would know a little bit more about what to expect.

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Father Dave points out that many of us are resistant to the unknown and suggests Leah find out more about the religious community her daughter joined so that she’ll have a better idea of what her daughter is up to. He also acknowledges that the pain of separation will still be there, but it will most likely be helpful to learn more about her community.

Leah shares that she wants her daughter to feel like she is supporting her, so she doesn’t want to express to her that she is struggling with her decision to become a nun. Father Dave says, “Those are not mutually exclusive. You are not being unsupportive to say, ‘I love what you’re doing, and I support you, and it also makes me miss you.’” Original Air 1-16-18

Photo credit: Sister Maria Francesca Wiley and two other Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia Congregation in Nashville, Tennessee. (CNS photo/Rick Musacchio, Tennessee Register)