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Fatherly Advice: My Prayer Life Feels Stagnant


A listener named Maria calls in to the Radio Show to ask for some Fatherly Advice. She tells Father Dave that she’s had the same prayer routine for a long time and feels stagnant in her prayer life and relationship with Christ. She shares her desire to grow deeper in her relationship with God.

Father Dave explains that there are some things we do every day that we don’t need to change. He gives the example of brushing our teeth. It’s something that we don’t need to change, but it doesn’t always feel impactful. He also likens it to marriage, that after a long time, couples tend to be stuck in the same routine, but there are some things that work in the relationship, no matter how long you’ve been doing them.

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“If you say that ‘I do feel like I’m growing closer to God,’ then I wouldn’t go out of your way to think you’re not doing something right just because it’s the same way that you have been growing closer to God for 15 or 20 years.”

Father Dave suggests that Maria try something that she doesn’t usually feel comfortable doing: “Sometimes we grow more when there is some sort of stumble or challenge or something that is not comfortable for us.”

He explains that this will look different for each person, but it is a good practice. Maria shares that working in youth ministry is something she has considered, but it also makes her uncomfortable. Father Dave tells her that it would be good for her to try it because God will challenge her and help her in that environment. He explains that she could love it and be great at it, or it will stretch her, but no matter what, there will be growth.

“Either way, it’s good to respond to that prompting.” Original Air 1-23-18