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Fatherly Advice: Should I Be Worried?


A Busted Halo fan emails Father Dave, looking for some Fatherly Advice: “Hey, Busted Halo team! I need some Fatherly Advice today. I’m currently about 12 weeks pregnant, and my husband and I are overjoyed and thankful. With the risk of miscarrying higher in the first trimester, I worry about that a lot. I’ve been praying since before we got pregnant that [when I eventually did get pregnant] everything would be okay and healthy, and if anything happens, that I would understand that it’s God’s plan. So, as I’ve been worrying, I’ve been trying to give this to God and not stress out, but it’s been hard for me. What would you suggest to alleviate the worry in my heart? Thanks and God bless.”

“Worry is a natural emotion that people experience at different levels,” Father Dave says. “What [this woman] is talking about is not something frivolous — yes, scientifically, statistically, medically there can be things that go wrong in the first trimester. So, I or anyone else shouldn’t tell her, ‘Just don’t worry about that.’”

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Next, Father Dave discusses the phrase “Giving it to God,” which, he mentions, is the subject line of the woman’s email. Father Dave continues, “Now that [phrase] can very well be a trite, placating statement. We use that [sentiment] a lot, ‘Offer it up,’ ‘Give it to God.’ And it is trite if you just say it like that. But what we mean by that is that Jesus promises to take on our burdens. He says in Matthew chapter 11, ‘Come to me, all you who are burdened.’ Jesus [invites us to come to him], so maybe that’s a matter of spending more time with Jesus and not being concerned that you need to fix your own worry.” (Original Air 08-24-17)