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FD30DC Featured Participant: Trisha

Team Busted Halo checks in on their Father Dave 30-Day Challenge progress, and we speak to a featured #FD30DC participant, Trisha.

The team also welcomes a Congregation of One, Anne, to the studio. Anne shares that she’s given up shopping for 30 days. “It is no clothes, no pocketbooks, no shoes. No girl shopping.” Brett points out that it must be even more challenging while she’s visiting New York City. Anne agrees but is proud of herself for sticking with it.

Our featured #FD30DC participant, Trisha, shares that she’s decided to join Father Dave in losing 10 pounds. “I’m feeling good,” Trisha says. “I lost the first four pounds really quick. I did that in five days and then it kind of slowed down, but exercise is helping … then we went to a fair, and I had to have a mini doughnut.”

Brett asks if losing weight gets more difficult after the initial few pounds. “I’ve found in the past that a week isn’t too hard to try to lose weight for, but it’s the week after that that is tough,” Trisha responds. “But I’ve discovered when you have children, you can use them for exercise! If you tell them you are going to go bike riding that day, they won’t let you forget it!”

Trisha and Team Busted Halo also guess Father Dave’s weight. Father Dave shares that he weighed in at 197.4, losing a total of eight pounds. From Father Dave: “I have to constantly tell myself not to get cocky. … I’m also concerned about getting comfortable and not sticking with it.”

Brett affirms that it’s good to know where we may fall short but encourages Father Dave to stick with it. (Original Air 8-02-18)