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Home Blessings


Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home!

There are so many old, familiar sayings about the importance of a happy home, which is why many Catholics will ask a priest or deacon to offer a blessing after buying a house. A recent caller wants to ask her parish priest to bless her new home, but she’s curious about what would be an appropriate amount of money to compensate the priest for his time.

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Father Dave explains that one needn’t feel like they ought to give a priest money for fulfillingĀ normal priestly duties, such as visiting a sick person at home or in a hospital, but he acknowledges that many laypeople like to give a priest a small monetary gift for taking the time to do something special and personal, like coming to bless a house. Father Dave also says there are several factors to consider, including time commitment for the priest and whether or not he typically offers blessings like this to other parishioners.

When you get down to brass tacks, though, Father Dave says that a generous layperson who would like to give a priest a gift for his time when doing something like a household blessing might consider something in the ballpark of $50.

(Original Air 01-10-17)