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How to Boost Participation in a New Young Adult Ministry

From the time of Christ to the present day, the Church has excelled at ministering to those in transitions – yet it is still a challenge. Young Adult Ministry is a great opportunity to tap into Catholicism’s best traditions and reach out to a demographic on the move and distant from the faith, just as Jesus did in his day.

Wondering how to get more people to attend your young adult ministry events? Father Dave shares some great tips in response to a #TwitterTuesday question about getting a new young adult group off the ground. And check out Young Adult Ministry in a Box, Busted Halo’s digital toolkit for starting young adult ministry from scratch, for more tips and ideas.

(Original Air 07-19-16)

Photo Credit: Marcos Gonzalez Villalba, center, meets with young adult leaders in the Diocese of Shreveport, Louisiana. He is the first Hispanic youth and young adult coordinator for the diocese. (CNS photo/courtesy Catholic Extension)